Jul 31, 2018
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Wp Speech – Vocal Command for WordPress

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Wp Speech WordPress plugin allows your website visitors to command it with voice … and to respond with voice.


  • Talk to your site
  • Your site can talk to you and your visitors
  • Command your site with voice
  • 15 + Function is already included
  • On page configuration
  • You can impress your users who simulate artificial intelligence
  • It's up to you to make your blog the most famous mobile voice assistant
  • Unlimited possibilities … the only thing you can not say is "Jarvis makes me a bowl"
  • Two documents are included: first to base configuration, the latter specific to developer

Complete Feature List

  • Speech: Get your blog to speak
  • Click link: You can make clickable each link
  • Search: Perform a search on your website
  • Scroll to: scroll down
  • Scroll top: it scrolls at the top of the page
  • Message Line: A message at the top of the screen
  • Display growl: Another type of message at the top right of the screen
  • Popup: Another type of review
  • What time is it?: An analog clock appears
  • Chuck Norris Fact: A funny fact about Chuck Norris appears in the notification bar
  • Game of Thrones Quotes: A random quote from GOT
  • Random News: A random news from a range of 70+ sources
  • Go to previous page: is like clicking the browser's back button
  • Go forward page: It's like clicking the browser's forward button


  • Ask: "Do you love me?" And the site can answer "I'm only a blog, I have no feelings" or "Yes, I love you"
  • "Click on blog page" or "Click on website" or "Click on purchase" or simply "Buy"
  • "Search something" and it will search "something" on your website
  • "Scroll down please" to scroll down
  • Tell me Chuck Norris Fact
  • "Download pdf" or "Download 64 bit version"
  • "Tell me a joke" (a lot of inspiration can be found online to say)

Do you need new features?

I would like to implement new features so if you need anything, ask me! I will add new features that may be useful to the whole community. But keep in mind that with a small effort it is very easy for developers to add new features.

Requirements and support

  • https connection is required. If your website does not have an SSSL certificate (https connection), a dialog will be prompted every time you load a page or after each vowel command (depending on the browser and settings).
  • The voice is converted to text using webkitSpeechRecognition, so an active internet connection is mandatory.
  • The plugin only works correctly with Google Chrome because it uses webkitSpeechRecognition. It's also tested with latest versions of Firefox, Opera, Safari and it works, but full work is only guaranteed with Google Chrome and Opera. On the demo page, you can find a test page that allows you to know whether speech synthesis and speech recognition work on your browser.
  • Sopported languages ​​are: Russian, Japanese, Dutch, Dutch, Indonesian, Polish, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Chinese, English UK and English US, Italian, Spanish, German, French Hindi. At present RTL is not supported. WpSpeech recognizes the WordPress language and uses it.
  • As I said, I would like to add a new feature that may be useful to the whole community. I do not want to add special needs, but I want to help you as I can to find resources you need for your special needs.


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