Aug 12, 2018
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WP Post Modules for NewsPaper and Magazine Layouts

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WP Mail Modules is a WordPress plugin for creating postouts or modules in different display styles. The plug is best suited for creating online magazine content, newspaper blocks, creative portfolio display and regular blog feeds.

WP Post Modules are delivered as Visual Composer addon. In the plugin you can create WordPress mail modules with drag and drop interface and easily configure parameters. With multiple module types and display options, you have almost endless options for creating creative websites for your online magazine, newspaper and blog.

Try before you buy

Log in to the live demo using this link and the following details:

Username: guest
Password: Guest

Then create a new post and paste a pre-built template using the Visual Composer backend editor. You can create a full width insert by enabling the full width setting at the end of the settings panel.

This is an addition to WP Bakery Side Builder. You must purchase the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin separately to use this add-on

WP post module demos
more screen styles
Visual Composer addon

Full Feature List

  • 100% responsive design optimized for the retina
  • 20 Pre-built Home Layouts (Sent as Visual Composer Templates)
  • Supports languages ​​with RTL (Right to Left Orientation)
  • 8 Display modes
    gridSee demo

    – 4 sub-styles
    – Upto 6 columns supported
    – Custom run width from 2px to 70px
    MapSee demo

    – Upto 6 columns supported
    – Custom run width from 2px to 70px
    – Material Appearance Appearance
    ListSee demo

    – Custom sharing ratio for thumbnail image + content
    – Create any size list from small to large thumbnails
    – Circles for thumbnails in thumbnails
    – Content can be separated as full border, half limit or no limit
    – Responsive media query option for list style module
    – Limit the image width in px at certain points
    – Change picture vs. content ratio at a particular breakpoint
    – Hide list images at specific points
    PortfolioSee demo

    – Upto 6 columns supported
    – Custom run width from 2px to 70px
    – Overlay Content position as top-light or bottom left
    – Custom overlay packaging
    – Overlay background as black scrim, transparent or auto detected color from image
    – Show overlay as always, on hover or never
    – Image zoom and rotate effect on the swimmer
    tileSee demo

    – 4 sub-styles
    – Custom run width from 2px to 70px
    – Tile viewport width for auto calculation of image dimensions
    – Automatic resizing and cropping for proper tiling
    – Custom image format for tile images
    – Overlay functions same as portfolio
    tickerSee demo

    – Custom ticker title length
    – Custom ticker animation duration
    – Custom ticker label text
    – Custom ticker label background and foreground with color picker
    Bullet List
    – Simple text list with balls

    Title Teaser NEW – See demo

    – Show category link and title in small teaser format
    – Slider format supported
    – Repeated ads are supported

  • Custom Styling per. mail module – See demo

    – Select Google Fonts for caption and text content separately

    – Select headers, postcategories, and excerpt colors via color picker

    – Custom Google fonts for section titles
    – Custom run width (custom) for grid, list, tile, etc.
    – Custom font sizes and line height in the device

  • WP Query Builder

    – Query posts from categories, tags, custom mail types, taxonomies, post IDs, author IDs, and so on.
    – Offset and after exclusion to prevent dismissal of posts
    – Order and Orderby parameters
    – Filter posts from current single post tag or categories
    – Hide current posts from the module when it's on single post
    – Order with meta tag and value
    – Date request: Filter posts from year, month, date, week, date before or date after
    – Query posts from keywords

  • Ad Repeater – NEW See demo

    – Add unlimited ads to insert between posts
    – Set ad shift to insert ads between xx number of posts
    – Supported in grid, list, map, portfolio and title teaser display style

  • jQuery Owl SliderSee demo

    – Supported by grid, list and portfolio viewing modes and their subordinates
    – Change the number of slides per viewing
    – Change animation loop
    – Change automatic playback
    – Set autoplay timeout
    – Set animation speed and animation types (slide, zoom and fade)
    – Change automatic height
    – Change previous / next navigation
    – Change dots navigation
    – Custom desktop and mobile sliding margin

  • Enlarging the picture on-the-fly using BFI Thumb
    – Custom width, height and hardness function
    – Set image quality from 1 to 100 (Optimization Mode)
    – Auto convert imagest to grayscale
    – Auto color image from color picker
  • Native WordPress Post thumbnail image support with source set attribute
  • Video embedding Support with automatic detection of video from content
  • Post count for each mail module – See demo
  • WordPress Post Thumbnail caption support
  • Social sharing buttons per. mail module – See demo

    – Buttons include Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Pinterest, VKOakte, Reddit, Email
    – Open graphic tags and Twitter card meta tags for single entries
    – Social tags can be disabled using filter

  • Automatic overlay background detection colors from image background
  • Text Content Settings – See screenshot

    – Select heading tag from h1 to h6 and p (SEO factor)
    – Select the main title font size and font weight
    – Set piece code and font size
    – Automatic trimming of extracts at the desired word length
    – Change readmore link with custom readmore text
    – Show / hide post meta items as category, author, date, excerpt and comments
    – Automatic conversion of category connections to expandable dropdown, whose category connections are too many
    – View author avatar in post meta
    – Built-in style and functional support for WP Review and Post Views Counter plugin
    – Ability to select source text from extract, content, meta box or custom field
    – Permission for allowed HTML tags when text is trimmed from content
    – Allows you to keep basic tags like em, strong, one, etc.
    – View post excerpts from a custom field or meta box array key name

  • Compatible with the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin
    – Extract content can be displayed from custom fields generated by ACF
    – Supports content formatting of text area fields in ACF
  • Valid Schedule microdata on generated mail content
    – Schedule properties can be changed from item settings
  • AJAX tabs with full support for WP Post Module element as content – Ajax Tabs example
  • AJAX Navigation feature for grid, list, portfolio view styles – Ajax Nav example
  • AJAX Loadmore feature for grid, list, portfolio view styles – Ajax Loadmore example
  • Custom title element with multiple screen styles
  • W3C valid HTML markup for plugin generated data
  • Compatible with all major browsers, including IE 9 or later
  • Translation complete with POT and PO / MO files included
  • Step by step documentation manual for installation and use of the plugin
  • Professional and dedicated support with fast response time


– Images shown on live demo are not included in the download package. They are for demonstration purposes only.
– This plugin requires the WPBakery Visual Composer Plugin, and is sent as VC addon.

Plugin support

All support is provided via comment section and email. For questions about plugin or general inquiry, please send me an email from my profile page notification box here or comment on the article comments section. I would be happy to answer. Thank you for completing the plugin.



For installation and setup refer to the documentation / index.html file in your
main download archive.


= July 30, 2018. v2.0.2
* Fixed: Non-numeric value notification in php 7.1.x
- Occurs when auto registration color from image is selected in portfolio examples
* Fixed: Post counter does not appear in slider and grid sub-styles
* Fixed: Owl Slider controls Show / Hide setting not honor
= June 23, 2018. v2.0.1
* Added shortcode support in ad repeater fields
= June 18, 2018. v2.0.0
* Added new "Teaser" style post module
- See WPPM Element> Display> Template Style> Teaser
- Shows a category name followed by title teaser
- Slider supported on this module
* Added ad repeater felt
- See WPPM Element> Ads
- Insert unlimited ads between mail modules in single request
- Enter advertising fee (number of posts to be skipped)
- Supported in maps, networks, listem portfolio and teaser shows style
= 14th May 2018. v1.9.12
* Added option to trim title length
- See WPPM Element> Content> Title Length
= April 23, 2018. v1.9.11
* Added option to show social sharing buttons like "inline" or "popup"
- See WPPM Element> Social (tab)
= 28 March 2018. v1.9.10
* Fixed: php warning for term_clauses in WPML filter
= 27 March 2018. v1.9.9
* Added compatibility with WPML
* Fixed: php error for terms array
= 21 March 2018. v1.9.8 =
* Fixed: Set default offset to 0 when offset
= March 09, 2018. v1.9.7 =
* Fixed: Ajax results showing incorrect posts when offset is used
= March 3, 2018. v1.9.6 =
* Elevated grid columns max value to 10. (Old was 6)
- Now you can view 7.8.9 or 10 columns in grid, portfolio, and map view modes
* Added permalink support in custom mail meta
- Application: Read more
    - Allowed basic HTML in custom post-meta
= Jan 30, 2018. v1.9.5 =
* Added unique filter names to native thumbnail and BFI miniature output
- See wp-mail modules / wppm templates / *. Php files for filter reference
* Enhanced single-category filter and single-tag filter to work with custom mail types
- Supports all mail types registered under "Category" or "Tag" taxonomies
= Jan 16, 2018. v1.9.4 =
* Added "sticky" class name for sticky posts
- Use .sticky choose to add styles in CSS
= December 11, 2017. v1.9.3 =
* Added compatibility with php 7.1.9
* Fixed php error in ticker template
= Dec 08, 2017. v1.9.2 =
* Added compatibility with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin
- Show extracts content from any ACF field
- Supports rich content formatting of text area fields in ACF
= Dec 04, 2017. v1.9.1 =
* Fixed: Content from custom fields does not appear in other templates than grid style
= November 30, 2017. v1.9.0 =
* Added option to request posts by date (year, month, day, week, date before and date after)
* Added option to request posts from keywords (see "Query" tab)
* Added responsive media query option for list style module (See "Display" tab and select List style)
- Limit the image width in px at certain points
- Change picture vs. content ratio at a particular breakpoint
- Hide list images at specific points
* Added custom font and line height (custom) to captions and extracts (See "Content" and select "Custom" from font size)
* Added custom ridden width (custom) to grid, list, tile, etc. (See the "Content" tab and select "Custom" from boy size)
* Added & # 39; div & # 39; As Mail Text Tag Selects (See "Content" tab)
* Added option to select source text from extract, content, meta box or custom field (See "Content" tab)
- Permission for allowed HTML tags when text is trimmed from content
- Allows you to keep basic tags like . . , etc.
- View post excerpts from a custom field or meta box array key name
= November 19, 2017. v1.8.2 =
* Fixed: Ajax posts custom colors do not appear in new results
* Added: Unique class names for category connections for use in CSS
= November 19, 2017. v1.8.2 =
* Fixed: Ajax posts custom colors do not appear in new results
* Added: Unique class names for category connections for use in CSS
= November 14, 2017. v1.8.1 =
* Fixed: Category links dropdown (+ xx more) not working
* Fixed: Hard-coded http link changed to SSL-controlled protocol in schema
= November 11, 2017. v1.8.0 =
* Added: Automatic filtering from mail categories and postmarks of single posts. (See the "Query" tab)
* Added: Ability to hide current posts from the module when it is on single post. (See the "Query" tab)
* Added: "Get Shortcode" button on the front end for logged in users. (See the "Shortcode" tab)
* Fixed: Added .hentry class to custom mail types to resolve display problems
= October 28, 2017. v1.7.1 =
* Fixed: Nested internal card codes that do not work in AJAX-loaded tabs
= 17th oct. 2017. v1.7.0 =
* Added orderby with "meta value" and "meta value num" (See request> Order)
- Added text field to deliver custom meta key to orderby meta value
* Added postnumber function (similar to the ordered list) to list, network and map view mode (See Screen> Enable zip codes)
* Added image and content swap setting for list style entries (See Screen> Swap image and content)
* Added multiple online options to list style posts. (ie, display grid lists) (See View> List Columns)
* Added boys image option + content in list style posts (See View> List boys width)
* Added Video Embed Support in Mail Modules (Map, Grid, List, and Slider) (See Screen> Enable Video Settings)
- Posts must have "Video" post format with video clip or URL containing content.
* Added New Template Style "Bullet List" (See Screen> Template Style)
* Added ajax loadmore to "Tile" display style (See Screen> Enable ajax loadmore on mail module)
* Added Custom mail meta option with text field to specify meta (See content> Use custom mail meta format)
- Added Custom post-metaposition (before title, by title, by extract, etc.)
* Updated WPPM png icons to SVG
* Enhanced CSS loading of animation for ajax posts
* Fixed CSS to 5 and 6 columns
= September 11, 2017. v1.6.0 =
* Added more taxonomy relation option (OG / OR) for post search (See "Query" tab)
* Added Operator Relationship for Multiple Expressions (IN / NOTIN / AND) (See "Query" tab)
* Added subtitle support for thumbnails (See "Display" tab)
* Added built-in after thumbnail support with source set (Faster than custom image formatting) (See "Display" tab)
* Fixed: Activate masonry on window.load event instead of document.ready
= August 10, 2017. v1.5.0 =
* Added ajax loadmore option for grid, list, portfolio and map view styles. (See the View tab in the WPPM item)
* Fixed: php message shown on 404 pages
= July 29, 2017. v1.4.0 =
* Added RTL language support to plugin
* Fixed: Whatsapp sharing button shows 404 errors
= July 26, 2017. v1.3.1 =
* Fixed: Nested shortcode's custom CSS was not registered correctly
= July 23, 2017. v1.3.0 =
* Added CSS Design Options per Module Item (See "Design Options" tab)
* Added Google font family settings for Mail Module and Headlines (See "Content" tab)
* Added Google fonts to the WPPM Title element
* Added color settings for mail category links, title and excerpt (See "Colors" tab)
* Added Material Design Card Style Template (See Templates dropdown in the "Display" tab)
* Imported CSS styles into the ticker label in the main section
= 27th June 2017. v1.2.0 =
* Changed icon font family name to avoid conflict with icomoon family name
* Limited categories list list to 999 to prevent low memory problems
* Updated kernel class code for correct function with old php versions
= 21 June 2017. v1.1.0 =
* Added Social Sharing Buttons to Mail Modules
* Fast backward compatibility for php versions under 5.4
* Increased text space and multi select drop-downs in Visual Composer items
* Added Social Meta tags (Open Graph and twitter card tags) to Single posts
= v1.0.0 =
* First release


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Jaeho Park completed a Master in Fine Arts at the Hongik University in 1999, followed by a Master in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster in 2012. After working for many years as a university professor, designer and curator in South Korea.

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