Aug 11, 2018
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WP Media Manager – The Easiest WordPress Media Manager Plugin

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WP Media Manager is one of the amazing and best premium WordPress Media Library plugins that is extremely useful for folder management. This plugin is easy to use and also allows you to organize your thousands of media files with folder management functionality. Simply use drag and drop method to insert media files into folders / subfolders.
A standout among the most necessary media WordPress plugin. Easy way to utilize drag and drop methods and also allows you to sort a large number of images in folders and subfolders. A Media Manager improves WordPress standard media management by adding a media management folder.

The plugin has advanced features with Drag and drop media files and folders.Multiple folders creation. Ordering and filtering, 3 Built-in Responsive Gallery Smart themes: Grid, masonry, slider / carousel, Duplicate Media Files Options and many more.
With WP Media Manager plugin, you can create unlimited folder hierarchy.

It's a full one responsive plugin. It's an easy-to-use WP Media Library plug-in with an intuitive drag and drop interface. No coding skills required!

  • Drag and drop media files and folders – Just drag a drop of media files to organize files, images in folders or subfolders. Even drag folders in another destination folder to create its subfolders in the easiest way.
  • Multiple folders creation and deletion – Create multiple folders with subfolders in a more easy way. Rename specific folder name, delete available options. Note: Our plugin does not create real folders.
  • Media files Order and filtering -Foratur to add more custom filter settings, such as Add custom size and weight.
    – Enable / disable filter settings on the toolbar in the media library.
  • 3 Built-in Responsive Gallery Beautiful Themes – Awesome Gallery Themes Within Media Gallery: Grid, Masonry and Slider / Carousal with many changing customization options

  • Easily duplicate media files – Duplicate your media files with all types of mouse types easily from the media library itself.
  • Gallery Slider Shortcode From Folders – Configure multiple options for gallery slider layout on WordPress editor shortcode implementation.
  • Settings for easy file customization
    – Enable / disable a single PDF file by designing settings with custom settings.
    – View beautiful embed PDF file layout by setting a single file settings to pdf file type.
  • Lightboxudvidelse
    • Enable / disable the lightbox
    • 5 PrettyPhoto Lightbox Themes
    • animation speed
    • slideshow speed
  • Import categories -Update imported all categories and implement it on folder management.
  • Import all server folders and media – A very useful tool for importing a massive amount of media from a ftp server folder, subfolding directly into your WordPress media library.
  • Download folder in zip – Function to download specific folder in zip format.
  • General settings :
  • Create folders / subfolders:

Customer feedback

Customer feedback

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– Not set on dates, but we assure you to provide you with new updates and feature upgrades in the plugin on a regular basis.

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Some big shift logs


The problem solved: Translation problems found and resolved
Refinement: Get JS and CSS refining done.


The problem solved: Fix the problem with RTL on Add Media> Media Library popup form and now support RTL.
The problem solved: Translation read for specific title such as Create Zip, Edit Folder, Delete Folder Title.
Improvements: Get refinement on CSS and JS file executed.


The problem solved: The problem with the media gallery's total column, not shown on the front end, is solved.
Updated: Updated map attribute to the media gallery column, so we can use "columns" or "total_columns" attributes to set columns that will automatically be added to the gallery card code while creating gallery media.
Improvements: Get improvements on CSS and JS code improvement done.
Added Feature: Added Total Column Select Settings for Add Gallery Shortcode Popup Form on Edit Page / Post Page For Grid View Media Images Folder Based.


Fixed the problem: Fix the problem regarding gallery settings that are not displayed in the media library.
Compatibility check: Controlled compatibility on latest WP version 4.9.3
Refinement: Get Refinement works on css and js.


Function added: File rename function while media upload with specific tag format options with privileges to change title of image with specific specified tag.
Function added: To view PDF, other Doc files in table list layout with pagination or in slider layout with download link icon.
Function added: Associate custom default image for each pdf or doc file from the media file editing page. Simply drag files to specific folders and then you can select a particular folder to be displayed as the slider with default file image on the front end of download link from the "Add Gallery Shortcode" button on each editing page or post the text editing section.
Refinement: Get refining works on css and js.


Fixed: Fixed the issue related to white pages that appear on all pages and the post page after activating our plugin has been resolved.


Updated: Get code enhancement and removed session code.
Fixed: Fixed issue regarding activation on latest php version and javascript issue solved.
Updated: Plugin compatible with the latest php version.


Updated: Updated javascript code and the lack of adding drag and drop media files of specific folders to drop other folders / subfolders using drag and drop method.
Updated: Easy Drag and drop media files from one folder to another subfolder from the right folder list section of media library.


Fixed: Issues related to import-specific taxomy's order of order while importing as a folder
Refinement: Some css refining on backend and front end design.


Fixed: Debugged Issue on Remove folder at once.
Refinement: Some css refining on backend design.


Initial release of a plugin.

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