Sep 3, 2018

WooCommerce Minimum and Maximum Order Amount & Quantity

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WooCommerce Minimum and Maximum Order Amount & Quantity -Features list

  • WooCommerce Minimum & Maximum Order Price Limit for each product.
  • WooCommerce Minimum & Maximum Order Quantity Limit for each product.
  • Set Minimum & Maximum Price & Quantity Purchase Limit to WooCommerce Categories.
  • Specify price and volume limit based on user roles
  • Set Different Price & Quantity Limit to All Users
  • Show custom message on the site.
  • Disable Checkout and Add to Cart button.
  • Set the date and time for different restrictions

WooCommerce Minimum and Maximum Order Quantity and Quantity Plugin allow you to create minimum and maximum purchase limit and quantity for each product at your store. If the customer crosses the buyer frames for woocommerce or tries to purchase below the minimum purchase limit, the plugin does not permit the user to purchase that product.

You can set the Quantity and Price Limit for each registrant as well as guest user as well. Set WooCommerce Minimum and Maximum Limit based on user roles is also possible in this plugin.

If you want to set Minimum and Maximum Order Amounts and Quantity for a particular product category on your site, you can do this by using this plugin.

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