Jul 8, 2018
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WooCommerce Lucky Wheel – Spin to win

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WooCommerce Lucky Wheel gives you the best way to collect e-mails from customers visited your store. The plug offers your customers to enter their emails and the chance to win a voucher by turning the wheel with the WooCommerce Lucky Wheel.

  • Allows customers to subscribe to e-mails to spin into a voucher.
  • Auto-generate unique coupons when a customer wins the wheel.
  • Send coupon code to the e-mail address required to turn the wheel.
  • Synchronize customer mail to your MailChimp account.


POP ​​UP: A small popup appears on the corner of the screen by clicking it opens the lucky wheel windows.

  • Wheel piece: Free to add / remove wheel pieces can be up to 20 pieces.
  • Spinning Times: Limit spindle time for each email address
  • Delay between each spin of an email: Select the delay time between each spin of an email
  • Wheel pop-up: Show a small wheel pop-up on the front-end site. Clicking the pop-up opens Lucky Wheel Windows.
  • Pop-up position: Select where the pop-up window appears on the front, there are 6 positions to be selected at the top left, upper right, bottom left, bottom right, middle left , center to right.
  • Intent: Select to let customers open the wheel by clicking the wheel pop up or leaving the wheel automatically displayed.
  • Hide pop-up: Hide the wheel pop-up on the front, this option must be enabled only when you selected the auto display in the Intent setting.
  • Initial Viewing Time: Select an initial viewing time when the popup window is hidden.
  • Hide popup after successful spins: Select a popup window delay time after a successful spin.
  • Assign Pages: Select only to display the popup window on the Home, Blog, or Shop page.
  • Conditional Tags: Use WordPress conditional tags to configure which pages the wheel pops up on.


  • Coupon Value Type: Select a coupon value type for each piece. There are 6 options to choose: No (win nothing), Existing Coupon, Percent Discount, Fixed Product Discount, Fixed Carriage Discount.
  • Label: Enter a label for each wheel piece, this label appears on the front page.
  • Value: If the wheel value type is "Existing Coupon," you must enter coupon code in this field. If the value of the wheel values ​​is "Non", leave this field blank. If the wheel values ​​are a different discount type, you must raise the discount amount. The plug-in automatically automates coupons with that amount.
  • Valued Coupon Discs Label: Enter the valuable coupon portion label using shortcode {coupon_amount}
  • Likelihood probability: Configure the winning probability of each piece (as percentages), all bidding probability total must be 100%.
  • Piece of background color: Pick up a background color for each piece.
  • Auto color: Let plugins automatically pick up pieces of color.
  • Clone piece: Clone a piece with the same values ​​for all possibilities
  • Remove paragraph: Allow you to delete a piece completely.
  • Wheel Description: Type a wheel description describe the wheel for your customer using an HTML form, you can add pictures to the description.
  • Background: Upload a photo or get a color to use as the wheel window background.
  • Spin button text: Enter text spin now button PLAY NOW, TRY YOUR LUCK …)
  • Spin button color: Design wheel button with text and background color.
  • Peger Color: Select a color for the trackpad.
  • Wheel center color: Select a color for the wheel center range.
  • Not to display again: Enable the customer to save the wheel for a while.
  • Hide automatic wheels after finishing spinning: After a successful spin, the wheel will be hidden
  • Wheel center background image: This is the best position to put your logo.
  • Wheel rim: Select a wheel edge color.
  • Wheel Border Dot Color: Select a dot color, dots will win the wheel limit.
  • Wheel Spindle Duration: Select the time the wheel rotates before stopping and showing the result.
  • Pointer Position: Select the pointer position center, top, right or bottom.

EMAILS: Customers' emails are saved in the plug-in and can be synchronized to your MailChimp account.
A congratulations email will be sent if a customer who wins a prize turns the wheel. The e-mail will be sent to the email address that the customer has just entered.

  • MailChimp: Using the MailChimp API key to synchronize emails to a selected mailing list.
  • Winning email: Configure email with subject, title and content. You can use speed dials to configure the email content.
  • Front end message: There are two cases of messages that appear on the front. A message that a customer wins something. Another for the case that a customer hit the piece with "non" value type.
  • Card Codes: Card Codes are available for you to display values ​​for the front end, use these card codes to design front-end messages and emails
  • Available Card Codes:
  • {customer_name}: Display Customer Name.
  • {coupon_code}: Coupon code, it may be an existing coupon or coupons generated by the plugin.
  • {coupon_label}: The label on the piece that the customer hit turned the wheel.
  • {date_expires}: Expiration date of the coupon.
  • {checkout}: Show a "checkout" text that links to the check page.
  • {customer_email}: The e-mail address that won the prize.

COUPON: Select an existing or let plugin automatically generate coupons with the same options as in the WooCommerce system.

AUTO UPDATES: Fill out your Envato Purchase Code to enable auto update features. You can update the plugin & # 39; one on the right in your Dashboard. Each license can only be enabled on a domain.


** v1.0.3 - 2018.04.05 **
- Added: Existing coupon
- Modified: Spinning speed
- Modified: Wheel settings (rear end)

** v1.0.2 - 2018.03.30 **
- Modified: Possibility Hide _page to display only on _page
- Added: Turn the shut-off wheel on / off
- Added: Page step save when update (backend)
- Modified: Frontend informed results
- Modified: Popup icon

** v1.0.1 - 2018.03.27 **
- Added: Automatically show the wheel
- Added: Custom Assignment Type
- Added: Villatheme support
- Added: Wheel center background image
- Added: Frontend possibility to hide wheels
- Updated: Display currency symbol on discs

** v1.0.0 - 2018.03.22 **
- First release.


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