Feb 14, 2019

WooCommerce AfterShip

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Track your shipping progress through good visual timelines!



(Store admin account)
user: demo
pass: demo

The plugin is dependent on the AfterShip service, so it requires at least & # 39; a free AfterShip plan to work

How it works

The WooCommerce AfterShip plug-in allows your client to track deliveries through the timelines displayed on the Order Details page! It's straight to use:

  1. Through the WooCommerce -> AfterShip menu the AfterShip API key (you'll find & # 39; a link to generate it)
  2. Select the companies you are going to use to track delivery
  3. Enter the shell information in the administration details page

That's it! The plug-in will automatically keep you informed of the tracking status and it will automatically display status timelines on the front-end order details page for each conversion code associated with the order!

Timeline for shipping progress

In each order details page, the WooCommerce AfterShip plug-in will display a timeline for each conversion code entered by the store administrator!

short code

By the special [wcafw_order_status] It is possible to locate any order on any page. This will give a form in which the user can enter the order ID. The shape will then load
the order shipping timelines.
This is useful for users who do not have access to the profile pages to track their orders

Tracking information included in WooCommerce emails

Detection information will be embedded into each WooCommerce notification email as soon as the order status touches the "completed" status. You can optionally change the status the plugin should consider
To find information and adjust the message included in the email!

Email notification

Optionally, you can send active email notifications containing the order tracking information. The email template can be located (only if you use WPML) and customized with the Email menu.

CSV import

Enter your data in just a few clicks using & # 39; a CSV file! Here the Example file to use as a template. Follow the instructions you found in the
special import section, add the data you need in the CSV file and import!

How to update the plugin automatically

To receive automatic updates, install and install the Envato updater plugin first: https://goo.gl/pkJS33 . The official guide explaining how to configure it can be found in the following link: https://envato.com/market-plugin .


Cover page order detail page


Backend order detail page


order list page


Short code in action


Tracking information included in WooCommerce notification emails



= 2.7 - 06.02.19 =
* Fixd a problem due to Active Notification has been sent even when not required
* Added location information on timelines

= 2.6 - 05.02.19 =
* Less CSS improvement

= 2.5 - 04.02.19 =
* On admin order details and list pages Conversion code is now click redirect to the AfterShip tracking page

= 2.4 - 02.02.19 =
* Active notification added

= 2.3 - 24.01.19 =
* Fixed issue due to administration could not save search information

= 2.2 - 23.01.19 =
* Is now possible to embed follow-up information on WooCommerce notification email

= 2.1 - 16.01.19 =
* Fixed due to spaces before and after conversion code has not been removed

= 2.0 - 07.01.19 =
* Added CSV input feature

= 1.9 - 23.12.18 =
* CSS improvement

= 1.8 - 22.12.18 =
* Added icon for status report message

= 1.7 - 22.12.18 =
* Fixed an issue related to the "status" display / hide option for order list page

= 1.6 - 22.12.18 =
* Added option to choose which information view on order list page
* Improved status loader on order list pages

= 1.5 - 22.12.18 =
* Post status is now also shown on order page

= 1.4 - 22.12.18 =
* Minor bug fix

= 1.3 - 20.12.18 =
* Enhanced API key validation check

= 1.2 - 20.12.18 =
* Fixed a problem if no valid API was inserted

= 1.1 - 18.12.18 =
* Minor bug fix

= 1.0 - 12.12.18 =
* First edition


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