Dec 3, 2018

Veneno – Multipurpose Joomla eCommerce Template

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Vina Veneno is multipurpose responsive ecommerce template driven by Joomla 3.x and JoomShopping component – most easy to use online store for joomla This template is light and easy with 3 shops and 1 business plan which will give you many options for your online store or portfolio / company website. It would be a great solution for online sports shop, fashion store, accessories or any other kind of products.

Version 1.4 is out! (June 1, 2016) Click here to view log files

Apart from just looking beautifully polished and clean, it comes full of features and possibilities, powerful Helix II Framework. 4 Website layout. 9 popular Joomla 3.x Extensions from Vina Camera Image Slider. Vina Article Carousel. Vina Product Carousel for JShopping. Vina Manufacturers Carousel for JShopping. Vina Product Ticker for JShopping. Vina Article Accordion. Vina Treeview for JShopping. Vina Vertical News Ticker and Vina Category Menu for JoomShopping. It is easy to configure different module positions, and many other best and selected extensions help you develop your website in no time.

Vina Veneno Comes with tons of shortcode like this video, gallery, slideshow, tabs, accordion, rich administration features eg. logo settings, masterpiece layout builder, mega menu, unlimited font controls, Google Analytics, less compilation and all types of presets controls like heading color, link color, background color, etc. Now you do not need to worry about its speed. The built-in css and javascript compressors used by Helix Framework provide optimum performance.

If you are looking for an online store to sell furniture, phones, mobiles and accessories or other kinds of products, the Vina Veneno template is a great choice for you!


  • Responsive Design: This means that you only need a template for your desktop, iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices.
  • 4 Home Layout: 3 beautiful homepage for online shop and 1 impression website for fashion news / company.
  • Full support JoomShopping component: JoomShopping is the easiest way to use OnlineShop for Joomla. More than 200,000 new users in 3 years! Vina Veneno fully supports it!
  • Layout Builder: Allows anyone to customize the existing theme in any form or dimensions without having programming language!
  • Mega Menu: Allows you to display a ton of content in the menu item, including text, images, module, and articles.
  • Off-Canvas Menu: Used primarily with mobile and touch devices and can provide a very useful and beautiful experience to your users.
  • Rich Typography: Advanced typing based on Bootstrap would allow you to stylize your tables, forms, and buttons along with other elements to make your site more beautiful.
  • Shortcode Support: Useful Shortcode installed by using as someone can add lots of extra features on the website without coding knowledge.
  • RTL Language Support: Supports RTL (Right to Left) Language-based design like Arabic, Persian and Hebrew.
  • HTML5 base template: We brought HTML5 into our templates to make elegant, modern and SEO friendly website that would be fully functional and represents stunning style.
  • Built with fewer CSS: You can reduce over requests to browsers while creating CSS development, and it makes your entire website more powerful and faster than ever.
  • Use Helix Framework: Helix Framework is one of the best light and functional responsive frames for Joomla Templating.
  • 9 Premium Extensions from VinaGecko: Vina Camera Image Slider. Vina Article Carousel. Vina Product Carousel for JShopping. Vina Manufacturers Carousel for JShopping. Vina Product Ticker for JShopping. Vina Article Accordion. Vina Treeview for JShopping. Vina Vertical News Ticker and Vina Category Menu for JoomShopping are the popular extensions to Joomla 3.x. Now you can use it in the Vina Veneno template.
  • Complete support for JComment component: JComments is a powerful and easy-to-use AJAX-based commentary system for Joomla. Vina Veneno fully supports it!
  • CSS and Javascript Compression: Helix reduces your website load time drastically by using advanced CSS and JS compression systems that work with all types of browsers.
  • Google Analytics: Users can easily integrate Google Analytics code into their website and can maintain all of the features provided by Google Analytics.
  • Pewered By BootStrap: Bootstrap is made of responsive CSS Designs with less code, which enhances the overall look of your website.

Vina Veneno – Notes

Note: Demo images are not included in the Quick Launch Package and have been replaced with placeholder images.

Wordpress Version
Magento Version
Prestashop Version
OpenCart Version

Vina Veneno – Change logs

##### VERSION 1.0.0 - December 17, 2014 #####
- First release to Joomla 3.3.6

##### VERSION 1.1.0 - February 27, 2015 #####
- Joomla Version 3.3.6 -> Version 3.4.0
- Akeeba Backup Core Version 4.1.0.rc3 -> Version 4.1.2
- Component Jshopping Version 4.7.1 -> Version 4.9.1
- Add elevated zoom images to product detail page.

##### VERSION 1.2.0 - March 15, 2015 #####
- Update: Joomla v3.4.0 -> Joomla v3.4.1

##### VERSION 1.3.0 - 19th of May 2015 #####
- Update: Component Akeeba Backup 4.1.2 -> Component Akeeba Backup 4.2.0
- Update: Vina Product Ticker for JShopping v1.0.2 -> Vina Product Ticker for JShopping v1.1.0
- Fix bug: Small problem with Vina Category Menu for JoomShopping
- Add: Includes all PSD of this template in download package.

##### VERSION 1.4 - June 1, 2016 #####
- Update: Joomla v3.4.3 to Joomla v3.5.1
- Update: JoomShopping 4.9.2 -> JoomShopping 4.13.0
- Update: All other extensions to the latest version.
- Fix bug: some bug in safari.
- Enhanced: improved responsive layout
- New: Quickstart package for Joomla 3.5.1 included.


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