May 18, 2019

TinyMCE4 Formula Editor

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TinyMCE4 does not have the default mathematical formula plug-in. This plugin is a formula plugin called "Tinymce's Formula Editor4", you can use it in your tinymce editor to easily insert the mathematical formula.


  1. Support for multiple formulas: Fraction, Script, Radical, Intergral, Operator, Bracket and Function.
  2. Support for special characters, such as Greek letters, arrows, relations and scripts.
  3. Responsible for complicated formula.
  4. Easy to use as MathType.
  5. Pure front end, no server support.
  6. Save as image.


  1. Upload the files to the tinymce plugin directory.
  2. Update the tinymce configuration to add the `leaui_formula` plugin, for example:
tinymce.init ({
selector: "textarea",
plugins: (
"List of link advlist Automatic link CharMap hr anchor pagebreak",
"Textcolor directionality pasting TextColor fullpage"
paste_data_images: true,
Toolbar1: "leaui_formula | styleselect formatselect fontselect FontSizeSelect | bold italics underlined barred"

Please note that you need to set up paste_data_images to the truth


  • v2. 16/02/2016 support for the last Chrome has not been solved


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