Dec 14, 2018

Tini – News/Magazine Template with Online Shop

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SJ Tini – An exquisite template for Joomla 3.x collection.

Selected by powerful K2 component and K2Store shopping cart, SJ Tini comes out as a news / magazine template with online shop that's sophisticated equipment. SJ Tini represents your news in parallel with your store info. Your website can easily reach the best capacity.

SJ Tini is designed with a preheader menu and a good slider at the top that makes your sites more clear and more attractive. In addition, the nice hover effects will help visitors easily follow all of your website articles. Each category is reasonably ordered in addition to the video box and ads position. In addition, SJ Tini is styled with 6 modern color settings and box and wide layout for more options. Front-end Cpanel helps you visually adjust these settings for the template.

With K2Store shopping cart, SJ Tini makes online shopping easy and fun without leaving the website. For each product, users can choose to add to shopping cart, see details or just see basic info: name, price, rate. The social modules: SJ Facebook, SJ Twitter Slider, SJ Social Media Counter will make your site stronger and shared.

All in all, SJ Tini certainly satisfies all your tastes. It's best for news / magazine sites or other entertainment groups with online shopping supported.

Fully Responsive Layout

Powered by YT Framework and the latest web technologies: Bootstrap3, CSS3, HTML5, LESS, SJ Tini are extremely designed for all and all devices. The template is automatically adjusted to suit all shapes and sizes.

SJ Tini - Responsive Layout "title =" SJ Tini - Responsive Layout

YT Framework v3 Compatible with Bootstrap3

SJ Tini is powered by the latest Joomla template frame – YT RAMME V3, and flexible with Bootstrap3 in the core. Therefore, the template comes with many useful card codes: video, gallery, slideshow, tab. You can completely manage your site without much coding knowledge.

SJ Tini - Powered by YT Framework v3 "title =" SJ Tini - Powered by YT Framework v3

Unlimited color formats and fonts

SJ Tine is equipped with 6 modern color formats: Blue (Standard), Brown, Green, Pink and Violet to suit customer requirements. You can set your own default color at the back and use the C panel to preview the template in each color. In addition, SJ Tini supports a large amount of Font Family and Google Fonts for use.

SJ Tini - 6 color settings "title =" SJ Tini - 6 color settings

Preheader Menu Supported

With the preheader menu, your language, currency and acount setting can be displayed or hidden attractively.

SJ Tini - Preheader "title =" SJ Tini - Preheader

K2 component

In order to customize a site with a large content, SJ Tini already has an integrated K2 component. You can list your content in 1 to 4 columns depending on your usage needs.

SJ Tini - K2 component "title =" SJ Tini - K2 component

K2Store Shopping Cart

SJ Tini is integrated with K2 Large Enlargement, a "Simple, Smart, Easy Shopping Cart". This component supports many famous payment methods: Paypal, Authorize.Net and SagePay. Your website easily becomes an online store only in 10 cheerful ..

SJ Tini - K2Store Extension "title =" SJ Tini - K2Store Extension

Powerful Mega Menu

With our powerful mega menu, you can place your categories, product description, price, image, video, effects … or even add links to any page, static blocks with promotional banners and modules.

SJ Tini - Powerful mega menu "title =" SJ Tini - Powerful mega menu

Boxed and Wide Layouts

SJ Tine supports boxed and wide layouts, with box version, you can easily customize the background image and change settings as your own idea.

SJ Tini - Boxed & wide layouts "title =" SJ Tini - Boxed and wide layouts

Custom message Add to basket with popup view

On the website when users click Add to Basket, there will be a custom message in the pop-up window. Users can choose whether to go to their shopping cart or not.

SJ Tini - Custom Message "title =" SJ Tini - Custom Message

Social Media Integrated

With our social modules: SJ Facebook, SJ Twitter Slider and SJ Social Media Counter, you can easily manage your social accounts and keep your user closer to your websites.

SJ Tini - Social Integrated "title =" SJ Tini - Social Integrated

Cpanel and Sticky to special positions

Front-end Cpanel helps you visually adjust almost all template options. And with sticky positions supported, you can display any kind of seasonal information like promotional news, ads, and advertisements.

SJ Tini - Cpanel and Sticky for special positions "title =" SJ Tini - Cpanel and Sticky for special positions


  • Compatible with IE9 +, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5 and Chrome
  • Support RTL / LTR language
  • Support different Font Family as well as Google Fonts
  • Support many styles for RESPONSIVE Menu: Mega Menu and Moo Menu
  • Allow to set JavaScript to menus, set start / end level, and hold on top
  • Supports many extensions: SJ Module Tabs, SJ Contact Ajax, SJ Facebook, SJ K2 Categories, SJ K2 Extraslider, SJ K2 Mega News, SJ K2 Scroller, SJ K2 Simpletabs, SJ K2 Slickslider, SJ K2 Slider, SJ K2 Slideshowii, SJ Social Media Counter, SJ Twitter Slider, SJ Video Box, SJ Gallery Pro, YT Framework Plugin, YT Shortcodes Plugin, SJ Content Related News, K2 Component, AcyMailing Component, K2store Component
  • Typography and different modular variations
  • Use Lazy Load to handle large images
  • HTML5 validation
  • Support SHORTCODES
  • Support LESSCSS
  • 100% boardless design based on CSS3
  • Optimize CSS / JS / HTML / Merge File

What is included?

Tini Template Package

Use this package to install on your current site

QuickStart installation package

This package contains templates, modules, plugins and sample data. By using this package, you will get a complete website, like a demo site.

Extension Packages

Modules and plugins are used for the demo.

Full documentation

Detailed documentation for template configuration


VERSION 1.1.0: Published 19 May, 2017
- Updated to Joomla 3.7.1
VERSION 1.0.4 -UPDATED - Released October 19, 2015
# Fixed error: The image is not displayed in the slide show
# Fixed bug: Header display is incorrect
VERSION 1.0.4 -UPDATED - Released June 27, 2015
# Fixed bug: prettyPhoto XSS
VERSION 1.0.4: Released April 20, 2015
# Fixed bug: Do not show text field on button search
VERSION 1.0.3: Released 04-Feb-2015
+ Updated with SJ Twitter Slider version 1.0.1
VERSION 1.0.2: Released November 3, 2014
# Fixed bugs on Twitter slider module
- Improved visual hierarchy
VERSION 1.0.1: Released October 28, 2014
- Checked and fixed errors on IE
VERSION 1.0.0: Released October 21, 2014
- Competent with Joomla! 3.x
- Integrated with K2 & K2Store 



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Jaeho Park completed a Master in Fine Arts at the Hongik University in 1999, followed by a Master in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster in 2012. After working for many years as a university professor, designer and curator in South Korea.

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