Jul 7, 2018
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Social Sharer – Pinterest Social Discount

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Pins get cheaper dinners – Make your restaurant discounts go viral!

Create a social payment discount for restaurant so customers can share with followers on the pinterest to reduce the price of their meal. When they reach the targeted amount, they can unlock your discount.

Why use it?

This will help you turn customers into your personal viral marketing team that associates your menu items to all their followers to see, grow your follower, referrals and sales while you sleep.

How it works

1. Discount until now

You can set target discounts (meaning each user must share with a certain number of friends or followers to get the discount). The user must share the unique page link on the social network to increase the discount.

When their friends, for example, Click on their link and visit the page, add it to discount (for example, if 10 friends visit that link and then $ 10 discount is added).

2. Discount back

This how much discount back to demand. When their friends or followers click on their link and visit the page, add it to their discount.

3. Locked Discount

Once your target visit count is reached, your hidden pay-per-click link will appear (so your discount will be unlocked when a certain number of visitors are reached).


1. Unique Discounts

Each user has a unique share count to share with the targeted number of friends to claim (which means that when the user shares, it only adds discount – this is based on a unique share link containing the Sharelock ID + IP address in url : YourDomain.com/?id1=123123123) .

2. Unlimited Discounts

You can set a sharelock ID in the script so you can create more offers (for stores or clients) with unique discounts (when a new user visits the page, a new file with sharelock ID and that IP address, such as 1_ip- address .txt).

3. Discount Reset (optional)

Once your goal visit census is reached and user requirements, the discount will reset if they return to the page so they will share with more friends if they wish to claim again. This is optional.


This tool not only provides easy and quick installation (no database or app setup required), you also get the following benefits:

1. Attract more

It helps you attract more customers to your local business every day.

2. Convert more

It helps you convert traffic for sale with friend references.

3. Keep More

It helps customers return and share your products or services with friends every day.


Similar / Follow Locker

  1. You get SINGLE person stifter.
  2. They can click unpin anytime.
  3. When they claim, they can forget about your business.

Share Locker – BEST OPTION

  1. You can get more followers via sharing and referrals.
  2. You get RETURNING visitors (so they can check their share counts).
  3. You can create NUMEROUS offers (each with their own shareholdings).




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