Jul 8, 2018
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Social Gamer – Faceboook Video Puzzle

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Engage and convert your visitors with interactive social networking video puzzles!

The brandable HTML5 Social Video Puzzle is an interactive YouTube video puzzle game with social network share. It splits the video into multiple pieces, mixes them and the user has to put them back in the right order to claim your special offer. This script can be used to create a "buffer" page for social media marketing or engaging landing page to convert visitors. Really the easiest and most effective way to increase engagement and conversions!


Auto YouTube Video Download

Only enter a youtube video id in the file and visit the page. It will automatically download and encode .webm and .mp4 files for your video puzzle without extra effort

Mobile Detect

As HTML5 Video Puzzle works in modern web browsers like current versions of Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari, jQuery and HTML5 use canvas and video element to make the puzzles. The product is not supported on mobile devices.

How it works

1. Enter video ID and promotional information, and then upload to server

Simply enter any public YouTube video ID and promotional details (logo, headline, caption, and link to special offers, such as Coupon, Discount, or Download) and transfer all files to your server.

2. Visitors are playing the video puzzle

When you visit the page, the script checks whether the video files exist (videoID.webm / videoID.mp4), if so, the user can click to play the video puzzle immediately. If the file does not exist, it will automatically download video files from YouTube (with status bar).

3. They claim your offer

If the user completes the puzzle, he can play again to beat there earlier or visit your link to claim your offer.


1. Customizable Branding

Change the campaign text, logo, or replace your own background image.

2. Customization Settings

Change the difficulty (by piece per row or column), video, puzzle size and number of tips.

3. Adaptive Promotion

Use more campaigns or clients and redirect users to your offer if they fail or successfully complete the video puzzle game.


This tool not only provides easy and quick installation (no database or app setup required) You also get the following benefits:

1. Attract more

It helps you attract more visitors to your website, products or services daily.

2. Engage more

The video puzzle engages them and encourages them to share their excitement with friends.

3. Convert more

People enjoy a challenge and are rewarded for their efforts, so playing video puzzles makes them invest in shopping – visit and claim your offer! Helps you increase conversions like never before !.


Only public videos can be downloaded and used for the video puzzle. If you see the message: Can not download YouTube video – that means the video is private or the owner of the video has restricted it.




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