Aug 13, 2018
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SEO Studio – Professional Tools for SEO

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Easy, fast and high quality search engine optimization and webmaster tools. Set it easy on your website for your visitors or customers to use.

Tools & Information

  • Google SERP Find your current ranking on Google for all your keywords. Controls the first 250 results.
  • Bing SERP Find your current ranking on Bing for all your keywords. Controls only the first 100 results.
  • Top search queries Shows the top searches that lead visitors to your site, as well as the expected monthly search volume, CPC, and percentage of your total searches for each query.
  • Indexed pages Calculates the total number of pages that Google and Bing have indexed for your site.
  • robots.txt Read and analyze your robots.txt file just as Google would like to find sitemaps and rules. These results are displayed in an organized table.
  • Sitemap Scans your site to find sitemap files. Each sitemap is displayed together with the status code, format, number of posts in the sitemap, and one percentile that represents how difficult it will be for Google and Bing to find a sitemap.
  • Submit Sitemaps Send and send your sitemap (s) to Google and Bing easily and instantly. This tool is recommended for new sites and after conversion of websites.
  • Alexa Rank Scrapes Alexa to find your current global rank.
  • Screening Test Analyzes your robots.txt and allows you to enter a URL for a page on your website. Shows whether this page can be crawled and / or indexed by Google and Bing.
  • Mobile support Testing if your webpage (s) is displayed as "mobile friendly" on Google search results. It controls meta tags, stylesheets and embedded styles.
  • headers Controls the headers returned by the page for errors or issues. Allows you to control multiple pages on your website. This tool will also check redirection and explain if a redirect is permanent or temporary.
  • High quality backlinks Shows the top 100 highest quality backlinks pointing to your website. Showing anchor text, page category, strength and more. Only works for western domains, at the moment.
  • New backlinks Shows the top 100 latest backlinks that point to your website. Only works for western domains, at the moment.
  • Bad backlinks Showing top 100 lowest quality backlinks pointing to your website. Only works for western domains, at the moment.
  • Top Referrals Shows the top sites that refer most traffic to your site. The backlinks statistics for these sites are also displayed.
  • Speed ​​Test Runs a speed test on your website and gives a score, along with PageSpeed ​​recommendations from Google on how to improve your website speed.
  • Link Analysis Controls all links on a webpage, determines whether they are internal or external (outgoing), dofollow or nofollow, and display this information in an organized table.
  • Søgeordsdensitet Find the most common words or phrases on your web page, check them against page title and meta description, and show the weight of these words and phrases. A higher weight means a stronger impact on the keywords for that particular word or phrase.
  • Excerpt Meta Tags Drag meta tags out of the page and show if the meta tag is used by Google and Bing.
  • keyword Research Shows estimated monthly search volume, CPC, and market value for unlimited keywords. It also shows relevant keywords similar to the one you enter.
  • Competition Uses Google to find your competitors for a particular keyword. Shows their rows, link strength, number of backlinks, number of unique backlinks and% nofollow backlinks.


  • Over 20 detailed tools – see the list above.
  • Free to use – Do not use paid APIs.
  • Runs on shared hosting – see requirements below.
  • Supports ad banners – just insert in the code.
  • User Administration – see demo.
  • Translate it to your own language – see demo.
  • Free and secure automatic updates built-in.

Live Demo


  • SEO Profiles Link your free account to enable free backlink plugin & tools. SEO Profiler only records data for Western domains.
  • Alexa No sign-up or API required. Scrapes Alexa for information like top search queries, alexa rank, and so on.
  • Keyword Spy No sign-up or API required. Used to find keyword CPC and search volume data.
  • Pingdom No sign-up or API required. Used to perform a high quality speed analysis of your site.

script Requirements

  • PHP 5.6+
  • MySQL database
  • PHP MySQLi extension
  • PHP CURL extension

Latest updates

v2.0.2 (1 January 2018)

  • Fixed a cached issue on the admin panel after updating.
  • Updates can now provide warnings. Such updates are not automatically installed and the warnings must be reviewed by the administrator before they can be installed.

v2.0.1 (November 12, 2017)

  • Fixed issues with new lines and tabs are saved in the error log.

v2.0.0 (November 8, 2017)

  • Updated update system.
  • Redesigned admin panel.
  • New features and tools begin to run out soon.

v1.0.30 (1 November 2017)

  • Added an error case for when domains send in invalid answers.
  • Fixed a fatal error related to corrupt tool result caches.
  • Fixed a fatal error when one or more Google results were missing descriptions.
  • Got a warning from incorrect file permissions when automatically sending usage data.
  • Fixed a fatal error related to validation of email on the Account Settings page.
  • Removed the field on the admin panel that asks users to rate the product.
  • Fixed HTML DOM parser does not work for large web pages.
  • Added an error logging system to the diagnostics page.

v1.0.29 (August 23, 2017)

  • Updated Alexa addiction to use SSL protocol.

v1.0.28 (1st of August 2017)

  • Fix a broken link on my account> my homepage page.

v1.0.27 (31st of July 2017)

  • Fixed new email validation issue in user registration.

v1.0.26 (17th of July 2017)

  • Solves a silence error in the Keyword Density tool for unicode alphanumeric character stripping.

v1.0.25 (17th of July 2017)

  • Updated Speed ​​Test Utility for the latest API.
  • Added gzip compression support to CURL requests.

v1.0.24 (June 12, 2017)

  • Fixed fatal errors in the tools added by the backlinks plugin.

v1.0.23 (May 23, 2017)

  • Improves keyword research tool to show results for many more keywords.

v1.0.22 (22 May 2017)

  • Added a delete folder to websites on the user's dashboard.
  • Get the broken delete tab for websites in the admin panel.
  • Enhanced CURL's ability to connect to sites on the same server as the installed application.

Broken updates in v2.0.2

The latest update RC182002 (v2.0.2) bread update availability controls on some systems. This does not affect the performance of the application or cause visible errors, but the affected systems can not receive upcoming updates.

To correct this problem, you should:

  • Download this little one Update diagnostics plugin as a .zip file.
  • Log in to the admin panel.
  • Click "Settings" in the sidebar.
  • Click "Extensions" at the end of the page.
  • Click the "Install" button at the top right and upload the .zip file.
  • Go back to the Extensions page, find the plugin and click "Enable."
  • A new item in the admin sidebar will appear titled "Fix Updates" – click on it.
  • Review any warnings. You can now disable or uninstall the plugin and try to check for updates again.

If you have questions, concerns or comments, contact me [email protected] – thanks!


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