Jul 7, 2018
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Schedule Report For Advanced CF7 DB

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Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires "Advanced Contact Form 7 DB & # 39; plugin. See Advanced CF7 DB plugin.

We have made this addition especially for companies that have required daily, weekly, or monthly reports. This plugin will do the same and send the e-mail as specified per. Schedule (Daily, Monthly, Weekly or Yearly) with Report Attachment.

You can control the email content by defining TO, FROM and email body content for each planning event

Prerequisite to filter the data as you create the scheduled event for that report.


Easy Schedule Builder:

Plan an event on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. You will have the option to set certain weekdays if you plan for each week, month or year.

Query Form Selection:

You will find the list of query forms (From contact form 7) whose data is already stored on the Advanced CF7 DB plugin. You can select a single query form to generate a report for the particular scheduled event. You must create more than one event to get different query form data report.

Report Column Selection:

Once you have selected one of the query form, all form data fields will appear in the form selection field. Using this column section, you can set which field column will be displayed in which order in the report sheet.

Advanced Filters:

We also have been able to filter the query form data while creating the report. Eg. Should you only get user data. You can do this by setting the email filter setting.


  • Auto Generation of the CSV Report Send an email with report attachment based on the scheduled time.
  • Ability to create more than one scheduling event to get different inquiries
  • Ability to select report datasheets from query form fields.
  • Determination to filter the data while creating the scheduled event for that report.
  • You can control the email content by defining TO, FRA, and email body content for each scheduling event.
  • The added schedule event will be added to WordPress cron schedule and will therefore fire at the scheduled time.


This plugin is an add-on that requires & # 39; Advanced Contact Form 7 DB & # 39; plugin. See advanced CF7 DB plugin.


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