Feb 12, 2019

Safelock – Credential Manager

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Credentials for the demo

Username: [email protected]

Password: admin123

Safelock allows team members to easily organize, protect and share crucial project details (FTP, cPanel, Hosting, etc.) Online. Only authorized personnel can check the details of the project with the added level of safety.

  • Save project credentials safely.
  • Share project credentials with team members.
  • Add, edit or delete project credentials.
  • Added security level for security.

The management of a project involves many different aspects and the project's credentials must be kept secure and monitored. You must share the project credentials, and Email is not simply the best way to go. As an organization, the security of your clients' projects must be top priority, which can not be kept on the stack by sharing details with anyone in the team and through any unreliable or insecure method.

You are responsible for the overall success of a project and SafeLock acts as a partner to achieve it.

SafeLock is an advanced project credential management software designed to keep crucial details on various projects secure. Your project credentials are as secure as your value in the locker.

The project owner can choose to share credentials with other team members and only those with which the credentials are shared can check. No options available to modify or delete credentials for other team members. Only the project owner can share details with others and make the required changes.

Benefits for the organization and the teams:

Managing multiple products can be a daunting task, and the security credentials of current, past and future projects can also be exhausting when you have more resources working within your organization. SafeLock acts as a security locker to protect project credentials, while ensuring their security as they will be shared by team members via a secure platform.

  • It is safe, flexible and easy to use.
  • Excludes manual work of sharing product credentials.
  • The system saves time, effort and costs of the organization.


Security of project credentials

SafeLock acts as a security locker for web-based projects, allowing project owners to protect project credentials and verify based on requirements.

Design credentials

The project owner and others, with whom the shared details are, can explore details based on the projects, listed in a simple format in the & all the projects' tab.

Share credentials

The project owner can easily share project credentials with other team members and authorized personnel are allowed to verify credentials.

Add, edit or delete resources

As a project owner, you can easily add, edit, or delete project credentials based on requirements.

The sole owner can share and modify

Only project owners can share project credentials or make the required changes in details. Authorized personnel are authorized only to verify the details.

How does it work:











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