Aug 11, 2018
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RoutePlanner API

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RoutePlanner API

NOTE: I'm working on a faster, more beautiful and more responsive version of this application / API. I have reviewed many personal experiences since the last update, and I could not thank customers and prospective buyers enough for their patience. I will keep this room updated.


Here is a complete A to B RoutePlanner API script that contains an "Instant" upload site where you can put it in use right away! You can use Post / Zip Codes, Adresses, Locations and Multiple String Queries to create a directions. There is a print button that can be clicked directly to your printer. Even better, the standard layout system I've included is fully susceptible to all latest mobile browsers like Safari to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Opera Browsers for Android Devices and many more. It will work with IE6 + in all major browsers!

What the customers say

iscapes said: "JMD, Thanks for your incredibly quick response to my email question this morning. Your suggestions have worked and solved my CSS issues. 5 stars for your app and 5 stars at your service!"

Demo Sites

Use the following places to see how flexible the search is!
Hospital Street, Dundee to 24 Sundown Avenue, London
Or use a mail / postal code!

Follow me!

So what do you get?

  • Full browser compatible from IE6 +
  • Mobile Responsive. Works on Android, iOS and Opera Browsers.
  • Clear HTML and CSS.
  • Compressed jQuery. Just 3KB!
  • Setup Site Included for Use Immediately!
  • Quick and responsive. Instant loads.
  • CSS3 and HTML5 design.
  • Night and Day Short Styles
  • Routes can be made by car, foot, public transport or cycling
  • Simple A to B printable guides
  • Based on Google API
  • Very well documented. (Thorough!)
  • Includes HTML example of how I used it
  • Lifetime Updates Free!


Additional help is needed?

Please read the FAQ section above for general questions. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact me on my profile! Thanks!

Day and night conditions


How can people get directions?

Depending on how you base your directional direction, users or clients can simply type in there and start finishing points with only two text fields. Users can go, drive, cycle or public transport, depending on how to set the travel mode setting. (Read FAQ on how to change it)

Update Log

1.0 //

  • First release
  • 1.1 //

    • New options Toggle Mode
    • Clients / Users can now choose one of the 4 travel modes
    • You can now upload two folder settings (night and day mode)
    • Upgraded to jQuery 1.8
    • IE small bug fixes

Update Log

1.1 – 22.10.2012

1.1 Update Log
- Day and night modes separate.
- jQuery 1.8.1
- New Travel Mode Script
- Driving, walking, public transport and bicycle opportunities
- CSS fixes for IE
- IE general fixes for IE7, IE8 and IE9.
- IE10 support

1.2 – Due soon

1.2 Update Log
- Full-time changes for mobile devices
- Style Options
- Google API updates
- New InfoWindow styles
- New PopOver Styles
- IE general fixes for IE7, IE8 and IE9.

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