Jul 31, 2018
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Room Rent Management

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Easy to manage, easy to use and possible to manage admin in the right position. It's time to change your rent from manual to computer.

Who can use it?

This item is the right choice if you have rooms, villas, guesthouses or apartments that you want to rent it anytime, as you please. You can check all your properties quickly and easily enough in a few minutes.


All of these features help you a lot:

  1. Fully customized privilege
    Each page in this topic is governed by privilege number and can only be obtained by admin that has the same number privilege.
  2. Husforvaltning
    You can control all the houses you have.
  3. Room Management
    You can control all the rooms you have.
  4. Privilege Group Management
    With this concept privilege you can decide on name for group privileges yourself.
  5. Admin Management
    You can modify privilege and house privilege for each administrator
  6. Enter custom price for a specific date (Optional)
    This feature will unlock to set price or disable each room for a specific date. Easy to use and useful if you already have plans for the next month or even years.
  7. Boghåndtering
    You can book a room, guest house, villa and even add extra costs, give discount and make payment. Payment support for cash and credit cards.
    Download invoice invoice in pdf.
  8. customer Management
    Save your customer data. Can be used for next transaction.
  9. Cost Cost Control
    Very useful to report your cash flow periodically.
  10. reports
    Payment Report, Transaction Report, Cash Flow Report and Room Report.

Demo System

  1. Super Admin
    Username: superadmin
    Password: superadmin123
  2. Operator Admin
    Username: operatoradmin
    Password: operatoradmin123
  3. Finance Admin
    Username: financeadmin
    Password: financeadmin123


Change Log

Version 1.1 | Jan 13, 2017

[Updated]: Bill invoice pdf;
[Updated]: Can upload image for each house to use in invoice;
[Updated]: Add Email and ID Type to Customer;
[Fixed]: Fix small bug;

Version 1.0 | December 20, 2016

[Release]: First release;

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