Aug 27, 2018

Responsive Fashion OpenCart Theme – EstNeque

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EstNeque - Responsive Opencart Theme


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EstNeque is a bunch of 10+ Best Multipurpose Premium OpenCart themes.Developed by Top Elite Author.

This theme is a top of the trendy, popular and best-selling template ever.

Templates include different styles: creative unique flat material design clean elegant minimal minimalistic simplicity generic plain classic standard modern luxury excellent eye-catching boxed.

10+ Custom design for multiple purposes:

  1. Fashion, boutique, clothes, clothes, t-shirts, tshirt, dresses
  2. Fullwidth fullscreen featured slideshow showcase portfolio
  3. Baby and children toys, entertainment, kindergartens.
  4. Computer, Notebooks, Notebook, Hardwares, Monitors, Network Components, Hard Drives, Printers
  5. Electronics, home appliances, high tech digital phones, mobile phones
  6. Furniture, interior, home furnishings, kitchen, dining room

Color schemes: pastel, colorful, vintage, purple, blue, red, green.

Cool features like:

  • Bootstrap 3, SASS / SCSS, W3C HTML5, CSS3 valid.
  • Responsive, mobile compliance and friendly SEO
  • Multi-stores, multistores
  • Visuel Mega Menu (megamenu), sticky
  • Carousel Revolution Slider
  • alphabets
  • Quick view, quickview, quickshop module
  • Cloud-Zoom
  • Blog / News Modules
  • Ajax advanced products filtered navigation
  • Gallery, grid, list
  • Ajax Quick Search
  • RTL, Multilingual, Multilingual, Translation Ready, i18n
  • Advanced admin theme options
  • OCMode, VQMode

And many other features are supported in this theme like:

  • List and grid product display
  • Mini dropdown cart
  • Write a review and review for each product
  • Related product with sliding effect
  • Configurable page column position left or right
  • One Page Checkout
  • Show cloud by boss tags cloud module
  • Quickly populates product of manufacturer module
  • View banner slide show of managers carousel module
  • Show bestsellers products by boss besstseller module
  • Vertical category with multiple levels
  • Supports Vqmod
  • Supporting Translator Module
  • Support multi-storey
  • Supporting Newsletter module


Version 1.0 - 2014-09-02 - Reversion 37:
- First release.

Look for different styles:

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Jaeho Park completed a Master in Fine Arts at the Hongik University in 1999, followed by a Master in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster in 2012. After working for many years as a university professor, designer and curator in South Korea.

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