Aug 5, 2018

Pure CSS3 Forms Set + Validation and Masking

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Pure CSS3 Forms Set allows you to create forms of complexity and to all needs (login, registration, contacts, search, checkout, etc.). With powerful validation and masking Your schedules will be supernatural and very easy to fill.

Do you need the same in plain CSS?

Check this out Pure CSS3 Forms Set.


Brilliant plugin! Just brilliant.
I devoted one day to implementing on a site, but it only took 5 minutes.
if you think about buying it – do it. I've purchased over 100 plugins / themes from here and it's by far the best written and easiest.
Thank you Mr. Author.

I just downloaded your script and I have to say that it is much better than the others I've tried before! Congratulations and thanks!

Easy and easy to integrate with my web app. Nice work.

Beautiful shapes. You rocker, Voky. I have just bought.

These are very smart looks. Also many customization options. You have done a good job.


  • Client-side form validation with lots of options
  • Inputs masking for creating user-friendly forms
  • Bright and beautiful modal forms
  • Custom jQuery UI datepicker
  • 3 different shape types (vertical, horizontal, column)
  • Normal, Error, Success, and Disabled modes for all items
  • Normal, small and large sizes of all items
  • Custom selections, check boxes, and radios
  • Autocompletion with graceful decomposition
  • Custom File Input (new)
  • Responsive and fixed layouts
  • Tooltip for all items
  • More than 30 examples
  • 19 colors for buttons
  • 249 scalable icons
  • Extremely clean
  • Easy to use


  • Mac: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox
  • Win: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE8, IE9, IE10
  • Mobile phone: iPhone, iPad, Android

Note: some CSS3 effects are not available for IE8.


25.05.13 – Version 1.4

  • Added input with datepicker.

17.04.13 – Version 1.3

  • Added custom file entry.
  • Fixed icon positioning reaches no label.
  • Fixed tool pin positioning when there is no label.
  • Small improvements to modal shapes. (Thanks to suncat100)
  • Added star to mandatory fields. (Thanks to suncat100)

27.03.13 – Version 1.2

  • Added autofill input (pure HTML and CSS).

01.03.13 – Version 1.1

  • Added Modal Shapes.



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