Jul 30, 2018
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ProAjax – Automatically Ajaxify Your Laravel Application

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No matter how complex or simple your application is, it all slows down to the user experience. AJAX makes simple things like submitting the form, filling an HTML element or something of that kind, your application much faster and more user-friendly.

ProAjax comes with many great features. The best thing about it is that It works with your existing Laravel application. You do not have to configure anything. In fact, you can use ProAjax without touching JavaScript at all.

No need to do anything if $ request-> ajax (). We will do it automatically for you. You do not have to change your Laravel application.

Check it out demo to see it yourself.

Updated for work with Laravel 5.5!

NOTE: ProAjax works out of the box with laravel 5.0+. With versions under 5.0, additional code changes are required!

The full list of features includes:

  • One click AJAX
  • No installation required
  • Works with your existing PHP / Laravel Application
  • You do not need to change any backend code to return answers like JSON. It handles it automatically
  • You do not have to create an AJAX request yourself. Let ProAjax take care of everything for you
  • Simply add pro-ajax class to any of your forms, buttons or links, and let ProAjax take care of the rest
  • Configure what happens before and after ajax request without entering the ajax code
  • 100% customizable. Customize the alarm element, warning message and all.
  • Works with validation – Automatically analyze the errors and highlight the error boxes.
  • Works with redirect request. Redirect your users after submitting a form using AJAX.

When you think about why you should have this plugin, just remember that you do not have to type code for each Ajax request. Best of all, you do not even have to think about controlling your controller methods to make room for AJAX and non-AJAX requests.


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