Dec 10, 2018

Porto – Responsive Shopify Theme

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Porto Shopify Theme is not just a shopify theme, it's a powerful package that has everything for your Shopify store. It has all the necessary tools and features to create super fast responsive website with amazing UI and UX experience. 20+ niche demos and layouts and styles allow you to create your own modern Shopify store. You can avoid a lot about development and design premium Shopify theme Porto. Get full control of your entire site through your own Content Management System, which allows you to change navigation, content on the site, images, products, collections, and more. Porto – Premium Shopify Theme is the best choice for your store!

Porto – Ultimate Responsive Shopify Theme

  • Responsive Shopify Theme & Retina Ready
  • Unlimited color settings
  • Only free Google Fonts over 300
  • Easily install sample data
  • Liquid product grid 2-8 columns
  • Unlimited Header Types
  • Lots of product variations
  • Dark Version Available!
  • Responsive On / Off Mode
  • Super Fast Shopify Theme
  • Different Category Banners
  • Parallax Category Banner
  • Banner Slider in the category page
  • Product Page with / without sidebar
  • Lots of useful custom blocks
  • 20 Website Layouts including full screen mode
  • Touch Friendly for all mobile devices
  • 300+ Admin features
  • Browser Compatibility (IE9 +, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
  • Social bookmarks for products
  • Custom product image ratio
  • Related product by tags
  • Related product after collections
  • 4 types of product page tabs
  • Product Daily Deal
  • Color samples work
  • Advanced filter collection
  • Grid layout and list mode
  • Ajax Add to basket
  • Ajax Wish List Ready
  • Quick look
  • product Label
  • Multiple currencies
  • More languages
  • Infinity Scroller Products
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mega Menu, Vertical Mega Menu
  • Flexible menu function
  • Change picture to Hover
  • Quick support and regular updates

Version 1.0 Release (21/12/2016)

Version 1.1 Release (1/18/2017)

- The broken style on the search results page.
- The theme does not respond to mobile in boxed mode.
- The problem with sensitive choices.
- Thumbnails are not displayed on the <767px screen
- Can not disable every small section in the main section of demo 8.
- The navigation does not work on Section Group Product on Demo 13, 15.

Up to date:
- Update demo 1 new design.
- Update demo 2 new design.
- Support RTL language.

Version 1.2 Release (2/21/2017)

- Duplicates alert text when you disable multiple languages
- Display of search result page problem.
- Duplicate Products Issue.
- Continue the shopping button and process check button on the carriage side.
- Sales tag problem.
- Disable product problem.
- Undefined in stock problem.
- Light box problem.
- Can not click Edti / delete on the carriage page when using other language.

Up to date:
- Adding cart note function.
- Demo 3 new design.
- Demo 4 new design.
- Demo 5 new design.
- Demo 6 new design.
- Demo 7 new design.
- Demo 8 new design.
- Demo 12 new design.
- Demo 13 new design.

Version 1.2.1 Release (3/13/2017)

- The availability on the product page shows the error: & # 39; Undefined in stock & # 39 ;.
- When you click on the variation on the product page, availability (quantity in stock) is not changed on the product page.
- The image on the Fire section on the mobile screen small and in 1 column.
- The broken style of the tab collection section and the CSS toolbar on the mobile
- Footer problem on the new skin demo.
- Main issue on demo 2 - new.

Up to date:
- Add options to change the logo size and the sticky logo size on the header section.
- Add disable options for each toplinks in headline.
- Add disable options for each product tab on the product page.
- Add URL box to get the entire slider image and banner image to be clicked on Slideshow section.
- Add the new headlines 17 - 24 for all demos.
- Add sections to demos 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,20 (Featured Products, Featured Brands, Blog New, Tab Products Collection. Parallax, Instagram) 

Version 1.3.0 Release (5/15/2017)

- Banner images from Demo 8 - New is blurred.
- The image shows $ NaN in the best seller's sidebar on the product page and the collection page.
- Set "None" in view Categoried on Collection page, but the title will not disappear.
- Product Code - SKU does not appear on the product page.
- Add to cart button on Sticky is not updated until sold out when the product is out of stock.
- Can not translate the Mini Cart totals.

Up to date:
- New design of Demo 16.
- New design of Demo 17.
- Add filter check box.
- Add more color settings to change the background color, text on the specific button.
- Add the Video Pages feature.

Changed Files:
- Demo 8: Sections / main_section.liquid
- Sections / slideshow.liquid
- Enable / style.scss.liquid
- Enable / frontend.js & frontend.min.js
- Snippets / layer-nav.liquid
- Enable / style.scss.liquid
- Sections / slideshow.liquid
- Config / settings_schema.json
- Enable / style.scss.liquid
- Templates / product.liquid
- Snippets / header-cart.liquid
- Config / settings_schema.json
- Enable / color-config.scss.liquid
- Snippets / search-bar.liquid
- Templates / product.liquid 

Version 2.0 Release (6/26/2017)

- The page on the collection page can not be clicked.
- The headline of mobile on the carriage page can not be clicked.
- The broken add to basket button on the search results page.
- The sticky menu issue on the mobile website.
- The sticky add to shopping cart is overlapping problem on the product page on the mobile phone.
- The product detail page adds the gap between the review stars and the star number.
- On the curve page, the style is fixed to & # 39; Continue shopping & # 39; button to be the same as & # 39; Update Basket & # 39; button.
- Make the home screen on Demo 2 - New design to be in fullscreen mode.
- In mobile mode, the mini-cart icon must be adjusted vertically with menu and search icons.
- Attachment of demo 7 - New design categories equate to being the same with demo 12 - New design.
- Change to show 2 products per. Rack on Website mobile
- Fix the size of the size and the color samples on the assembly page.

Up to date:
- Major Update Version 2.0 - Change the process of importing demo.
- Can add all sections from Porto Shopify demos.
- New design of Demo 9.
- New design of Demo 18.
- New design of Demo 19.
- New design of Demo 20.

Version 2.1 Release (10/12/2017)

- Karrusellens margin issue.
- Can not translate next / prev button text on product page
- Can not navigate in the link to the Banner text 2 and 4 section.
- The problem with collecting banner content.
- The problem with the inlet collection.
- The zoom function does not work on the product page.
- The minor style issue on demo19-new
- The smaller style problem with all collections.
- The sticky menu for the headline type 28 does not work.
- The discount price for the bestseller product on the product page sidebar shows the wrong price or shows NaN errors.

Up to date:
- Update of the wish list feature.
- Adding the Compare Product Feature.
- Adding menu icon icon disable option.
- Adding Gallery Zoom feature.
- Adding the image sample function to the product page.
- New design of Demo 10.
- New design of Demo 11.
- New design of Demo 14.
- New design of Demo 15.

Version 2.1.1 Release (3/25/2018)

Up to date:
- Update Type and Header Printing
- Function: Search for categories in the main box
- Can add the additional tab on the product page, which is different for each product.
- Option to select view via route / list mode by default on the collection page.
- Can display variants variant with 3 styles: dropdown variant, box variant and underlined variant.
- Can display Color Samples or Image Samples by default.
- Could choose popup or widget addtocart
- Being able to show a curve or bag icon
- Style menu settings are available.
- Can enable / disable ajax add to cart
- Update new ewsletter popup style
- Update new mobile menu option
- Made sidebar collection content as popup in under 991px width mode.
- Made sidebar product content as popup in under 991px latitude mode.
- Loop function to slide show section.

- Less style issues when you change the topic headings.
- On the product page, the variant box is broken when the name is long.
- On the mobile product page, when you check the product image, the user can not scroll the page.
- The error & # 39; Undefined in stock & # 39; of availability on the product page.
- The blog image is not responsive in mobile mode.
- Search result when no result is broken in mobile mode.
- The demo8-new banners are not clickable.
- The banners on demo8 new screens of low quality.

Version 2.2.0 Release (4/09/2018)

Up to date:
- Add menu active feature to theme
- Add the function button in Quickview popup
- Add an option to adjust the space for sections
- Add Simple line icons to theme
- Add an option to adjust the gap between the products

- The problem with header in mobile: The menu, search, mini-icon icons were not adjusted properly
- Adjust the placement of breadcrumb on all theme pages
- Style check box problems in the Sidebar section of the category page
- Solve the problem with header in mobile from Demo 1. It does not look great
- Adjust the location of the mini-icon icon in the title of demo 4. It displayed correctly
- Solve the search icon, mini icon icon and some other icons, style and color on both desktop and mobile (Demo 6)
- Edit the style of the Newsletter section in the footer of Demo 6
- Change the body text and menu style, adjust the height, font, padding and some sections on the demo 5 homepage.
- Solve the problem while displaying popup popup
- Solve the "Sort by" section problem. "Sort by" and Selected "was not centered vertically. Same for Grid and list view icons
- The question when you flip over tabs - "Details", "Reviews," "Size Guide," etc., were not smoothing
- Edit the look of website banner in Demo 7 new

Version 3.0 Release (6/08/2018)

Up to date:
- Update the product form to support dynamic box buttons
- Remove all old designs and styles related to classic demos
- Add an option to change icon color by theme theme

- Solve the problem when the newsletter's popup image is read very slowly
- Solve the issues regarding selected products, shop by section, banner * & footer section on the demo 11 website
- Banner fullwdith in collection was broken (Demo 11)
- Solve the issues regarding selected products, latest products, header search box style on the website of Demo 12.
- Remove the top edge of demo 12
- Pagination on the collection page was broken (Demo 12)
- Change style of related product in detail page of Demo 12
- Edit the style on the top limit of the demo 12
- Remove upper link limit, currency, language at the top of demo 13
- The shooter's pagnation on demo 13 was broken
- Remove rating star section from group products on the website (Demo 13)
- Solve the footer bottom issue on the entire page of demo 13
- Change the content in the text block section of the website (demo 13)
- Solve the dots of related product section (detailed page demo 13) that appears in the wrong position.
- Remove upper left boundary on header (demo 14, demo 15)
- Edit the style in the search box and related product section (Demo 14, demo 15)
- The football section was not responsive (demo 14)
- Solve the problem with the featured / group product screen on the website (demo 15)
- Change font for title in Footer

Version 3.1 Release (7/05/2018)

Up to date:
- Update the design position in the header search icon (demo16)
- Update the design position with header search (demo17)
- Update the design of the sidebar categories on the website (demo17)
- Update the font style for section title on the website (demo17)
- Refresh search icon, custom block (demo18)
- Update the option to configure the space between the carousel product in the parallax banner section (demo18)
- Update the design of the minicart icon on header (demo19)
- Fix the loudest issue with mobile headline (demo16)
- Do not solve the problem with the related products on the product page (demo16)
- Do not solve the problem with the related products on the product page (demo17)
- Fix the loudest issue with mobile headline (demo18)
- Fix the border issue of the banner content section on the website (demo18)
- Do not solve the problem with the related products on the product page (demo18)
- Fix minicart popup style problem (demo19)
- Fix minicart popup style problem (demo20)
- Fix the search radius limit and solve the non-responsive problem with the search box on your mobile (demo20)
- Fix the loudest issue with mobile headline (demo20)
- Fix product list flex grid style problem.
- Solve the corresponding problem with the footer header (demo20)
- Solve the layout problem of related products section when enable flex grid

Version 3.2.0 Release (8/27/2018)

Up to date:
- Restored all classic demos
- Update 6 layouts to the product page.
Extended layout,
Fullwidth Layout,
Grid Slide Layout,
Sticky Both Side Info,
Sticky Right Side Info,
Wide grid layout
- Adding custom HTML section based on product page layout.
- Adding video section based on product page layout
- The space problem between the product's goods
- The image link in the Banner text section 3 did not work.

Version 3.3.0 Release (11/12/2018)

Up to date:
- Bootstrap 4 updated
- small user interfaces


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