Oct 1, 2018

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Photosy – Photography WordPress Theme

A successful photographer can not work without a website. Therefore, it is necessary to have a striking and remarkable website for your photography work. You may be good at what you do, but sometimes it can be difficult to create a website. People have moved from regular websites to the WordPress website.

WordPress offers many themes for your photography website. Photosy is one of the top themes you will find. The theme covers everything one needs in his photography sites. You do not need professional programming and design skills to manage a successful website because Photosy make it all too easy and easy for you. The theme comes with 19+ templates and built-in sliders along with other features that make the whole process very quick and easy for the users. You can also create your own templates using the drag and drop builder.

Photosy is a WordPress photography theme that forms your photography project and forms something neat, neat and presentable. Convert your photography project from basic to unique and beautiful with this theme and be admired for your hard work and artwork. The theme can be used to represent anything from a college project to a business portfolio. Share your work with the world using this incredible and incredible photography WordPress theme that's easy to manage and offer you a lot of customer service.

Why Photosy ?

Photosy is a minimal, clean and modern WordPress theme for anyone who wants to build a wonderful and modern portfolio site. It is suitable for any corporate, creative freelance or business agency. You can design portfolios with a niche with Photosy. This theme is manufactured with care for each pixel and consists of well-organized Premium Plugins.

Advanced Blog Layouts – With the Photosy theme, you can create both masonry and a classic layout without any effort. The theme offers both the layouts for you to determine the shape and to present your work as well as possible.

Advanced Portfolio Layouts – Create portfolios for your website using the various layouts and designs offered Photosy. The theme allows you to create a brickwork and classic portfolio with 2, 3 and 4 columns. Choose the style that goes with your work and design the best portfolio for your art.

Built-in Sliders – Sliders take the most of the space on your homepage so they must be interesting and engaging. The theme offers several built-in sliders that develop the interest of the visitor and draw their attention.

Different head and footer styles – You can create your own headers and footers, or the 5 + headers and footnotes that are already built in the theme of your website, make it more professional and insightful.

User Friendly and Responsive – Individuals use different devices to access the internet. Therefore, your website must be fully responsive and user-friendly. Photosy You can develop a website that works perfectly on all devices and is very easy to use.

Completely SEO Friendly – The theme is also SEO friendly that helps your site to rank higher in search engine results. This gives you more visitors who eventually change customers.

Customizer – The Customizer is a live preview preview any change in WordPress. It provides a simple and consistent interface for users to customize different aspects of their theme and their website, from colors and layouts to widgets, menus and more.

responds – Almost every new customer wants to have a mobile version of their website nowadays. This is almost essential: one design for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, iPad, netbook, Kindle and all screen resolutions must also be compatible. So do not worry about obtaining this set of features, we have already included Photosy. Let's test it.

typography – These are the small details that make a project shine. Fixed typography, well-made with attention and care, is one of them. A harmonic visual rhythm, typographic subtleties such as soft caps, margin outdents or the correct use of hyphens and barriers; There are many things that contribute to it. So, we've included all Google fonts, just to make it easy and useful. You can change color, size, line height and so on.

Page Builder – Our customers have endless possibilities to explain how they want. We also included a visual component plugin to add block codes to page, just drag and drop.

shortPhotosy contains tons of shortcodes to make endless layouts. with Photosy, we've built 33 shortcodes, so you can build virtually any layout that you can imagine. All card codes are included via a custom built-in plugin. Included shortcodes are as follows:

  • Over Block
  • blog
  • buttons
  • Contact form
  • Call after action
  • Hero Banner
  • image Block
  • Instagram
  • Portfolio Masonry
  • Portfolio grid
  • Portfolio Slider
  • Special text
  • image Block
  • Text Block With Button
  • Custom space

mail formatPhotosy has a rich set of custom mail format, manages your blog posts with different custom mail formats. Here is little mail format:

  • Standard
  • video
  • Gallery
  • audio


One page

All professional photographers need a successful website to be successful. If you're a struggling photographer who needs a professional website Photosy, the photography WordPress theme, is the perfect theme for you. A page demo is the best demo that accommodates all the needs of a professional photographer. The demo comes with a drop-and-drag adjustment feature that allows you to customize the demo according to your requirements. By installing the visual component plugin in the theme, you can also add block shortcodes to the site. The demo also offers 5+ built-in sliders plus various layouts alongside w

Special Demo

The Photosy WordPress photography theme offers three special demos that are the perfect choice for a professional photographer website. You will find special demo 1, special demo 2 and special demo 3 in demos that can be downloaded easily with just one click. You can customize the demos with various layouts and built-in sliders. The demo can also add an unlimited number of sidebars to add multiple gadgets and widgets to your needs. The demo comes with several headings and footnotes that make the overall layout of the demo much more interesting and engaging. The overall style of the demo is very convenient and easy to use.

Portfolio Masonry Style

Some photographers like to go with the masonry style for their website. Therefore, this photography WordPress theme offers five brickwork portfolio styles to such individuals to accommodate their needs and interests. There are various layouts offered by the theme that photographers can design the website according to their requirements. The demo is very elegant and slim and gives a very professional look. The layout designed with the perfect typographer builds a very professional image of the photographer in the mind of a viewer. The different masonry styles differ in the number of visual mail formats that you can add to the homepage. The theme supports all kinds of visual formats like default, video, gallery and audio. Choose the brickwork demo to build a skilled website for your photography business.

Off Grid Demo

The off-grid demo of the WordPress photography theme, Photosy, is one of the best ways to go together if you are planning to create a unique and exclusive photography website for your photography business. The demo comes with a great user experience. It is fully responsive, so work perfectly on all electronic devices like tablets and smartphones. The demo aims to provide the best user experience to your visitors, so it works 1.4 times faster on smartphones. Choose from 5+ built-in sliders to design to the creative homepage of your website. The demo also allows you to adjust the sliders. The sliders are convertible and have various options that allow you to adjust the speed of the slides or choose the auto-play option. There are several other features built into the theme and help you create the best website for your business.

Photo Thumbnail Demo

Photosy, the photography WordPress theme offers its users a photo thumbnail demo that is perfect for the photography website. The demo comes with built-in layouts that can be customized with the help of 300 plus shortcodes encrypted in the theme. Design and add an unlimited number of pages to your website. With the built-in Intuitive Visual Builder, you can edit the layouts and add widgets and gadgets to your website. All the elements of the demo are easy to edit with the page builder. You can add elements wherever you want and change columns to your needs using this demo. The demo offers you many features that make your website user friendly and SEO friendly.

Split Screen Demo

The split screen demo is one of the most remarkable demos Photosy, the WordPress photography theme, offers. The demo comes with many features that allow you to create a wonderful website without any effort. The overall process of designing your website is much easier with this demo. The demo layout is very elegant and attracts the attention of viewers. This demo is very unique and distinctive. You can customize all the elements of the demo according to your needs and make it more interesting. The demo allows you to create a site that can be customized. This feature makes managing the website very easy. You can add and delete live content with one click and without any process.

Slider Demos

This WordPress photography theme offers you two types of demo pages. You can create a modern page demo or a classic slider demo with the help of this theme. Select the demo that will suit your personality and enable you to display your work as well as possible. The modern demo has a different layout and gives a modern vibe while the classic demo demo gives you a classic and elegant look on your website. The demo you choose depends entirely on the type of pictures you capture. Customize your website with unlimited sidebars and different head and footprint designs presented by the demo. The demo comes with the advanced lightbox and Page Metabox options as well as allowing you to create a wonderful website.

Demonstration of Photographer Agency

If you are a photography agency, then this demo is the best choice for you. Photosy Offer this demo to all its customizers but recommend it primarily to the agencies that run a photography business. The demo enables the agencies to create the perfect portfolio for their work that they can display for individuals who visit their site. Customize your website according to your work and attract customers to your website using the different features encrypted in the theme. The demo is also SEO friendly and comes with advanced add-ins that allow you to customize your website with layouts, slides and parallax layouts. The demo supports different post formats that are the best feature offered by the demo.

Instragammers Demo

Instagram is currently one of the most famous and successful social media sites. The Instagramers demo is based entirely on the layout that Instagram offers. Design your website, just like Instagram, using this demo. Customize the layout with the different sliders and head and footprint designs offered by the demo, or create your own unique layout using the drag and drop option. The demo is developer-friendly. It is therefore very easy to use and maintain. All the features of the demo are very user-friendly and make the experience of the visit worthwhile. Add unlimited sidebars and sliders to your website. Adjust the timers of the sliders and other options according to your requirements.

Photographer Demo

The photographer demo in the Photosy Theme is best for the photographer who wants to build a professional website. The demo covers all the necessary design and layout features that make the website exceptional. Creating an outstanding and striking photography website is very easy with the help of this demo because it is designed in a way that is user-friendly as well as developer-friendly. Add features like sliders, headers and footnotes, widgets and gadgets to your website just the way you want. The page builder allows you to add elements where you ever want the page, so customize your homepage and all other web pages of your website according to your needs and requirements.

Blog Demo

The three blog demo's presented by Photosy, the WordPress photography theme, is; Blog List, Blog Masonry and blog single page demo. The blog list demo is ideal for individuals who want to go with the basic blog layout for their photographer website while the blog masonry demo offered by the theme is an attractive and exemplary layout that determines your general personality and the type of photographer what you are The blog page demo is ideal for photographers who want to go with the simple and clean layout for their website. All of these demos support different visual formats, which means you can add text, video, audio and images to your website. Offer your artwork on your website in the blog style by using this theme and draw the attention of the visitors with the beautiful headers and footnotes.

Contact Style

One of the best demos offered by this photography WordPress theme is the contact style demos. There are two types of contact style demos;

  • Contact Style 1
  • Contact Style 2

Both of the demos are perfect for the photographers who are in business and want to attract people to their work and make them their customers. The contact style demo is very easy to use and helps you create a website that makes communication between you and your client very easy and easy. The demo emphasizes the contact section of the website and comes with several other features that you can use to optimize your website according to your needs. The construction, management and maintenance of your photographer website will be very easy and effortless with this demo. The effort to manage a website is no longer a problem, just download the demo with a single click and get your perfect contact style website for your business.

Portfolio Single Page

The single page demo portfolio is best for the photographer who wants a portfolio layout for their websites. The demo is designed to display your images and other footage on one side of the page, while the text associated with the image is displayed next to the other side of the page. The demo features unlimited sidebars and various header and footer styles that you can use to add more meaning and depth to your website. The demo offers several portfolio filtering options that you can use to create a website that fits your personality best. The demo is fully responsive, which does not endanger user experience on different devices. It is perfectly compatible with all screen resolutions. It works faster and more perfectly on all retina devices.

About Style

About style is another demo offered by photography WordPress theme, Photosy. The demo is fully responsive and supports all screen resolutions and thus provides the best experience for all users. The demo comes with various combinations of layouts and headers and footers. Create a unique layout with the various built-in sliders that can be easily customized and customized using various options related to the feature. The demo can also add an unlimited number of pages to your site. Customize all your pages with hundreds of elements and shortcodes. The demo comes with live customizer and a visual composer that allows you to add different postformats to the site.

Properties Overview

Build and manage your photography website without any effort with quick easy steps and a very small cost by using the Photosy WordPress Photography theme available on WordPress. Download the theme and go with your photography portfolio. The theme accommodates all corporate, creative freelancers or business individuals, which means you can create a portfolio for niche niche using this photography WordPress theme.

Photosy is a Photography WordPress theme that offers so much to its user. It is one of the best photography themes in the market at the moment. The theme accommodates all your photography needs and offers you the best possible results.

  • WordPress Live Customizer – Make it alive!
  • One click demo importer
  • Visual Composer
  • Advanced Blog Layouts
    • Blog Masonry
    • Blog Classic
  • Advanced Portfolio Layouts
    • Portfolio Masonry (2,3,4 columns)
    • Portfolio Classic (2.3.4 columns)
  • Fully responsive explanations
  • Parallax Layout
  • Multiple purpose with hundreds of options
  • Different headings
  • Different footer layouts
  • Developer friendly
  • Portfolio filter option
  • Unlimited Sidebar
  • Advanced light
  • Page Metabox Options
  • Totally SEO friendly
  • Predefined sliders
  • HTML5 video
  • UX friendly layouts
  • WPML ready
  • Various post formats
  • Isotope Plugin
  • Contact form 7
  • Well documented

Change Log

Version 1.5

Fixed: Split Slider problem in mobile version
Update: Photosy Addons to version 1.5
Added: Portfolio filter option in portfolio brickwork shortcode
Fixed: minor errors

Version 1.4

New: 4 New Demo's (Split Slider, Split Slider 2, Split Slider 3, Split Slider 4)
Update: Photosy Addons to version 1.4
Update: Visual Composer to version 5.5.2
Update: Redux Addons to version 1.1
Fixed: minor errors

Version 1.3

Update: Photosy Addons to version 1.3
Fixed: Portfolio Explanation Issue
Fixed: Portfolio Lightbox problem
Fixed: minor errors

Version 1.2

New: 4 New Home
New: 4 New portfolio pages
New: Button Shortcode
New: GTA Card Code
New: Blog Shortcode
New: Blog Masonry Page
Update: Demo XML files
Update: Photosy Addons to version 1.2
Fixed: minor errors

Version 1.1

Update: Visual Composer to latest version
Update: Photosy = Addons to version 1.1
Fixed: minor errors



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Jaeho Park completed a Master in Fine Arts at the Hongik University in 1999, followed by a Master in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster in 2012. After working for many years as a university professor, designer and curator in South Korea.

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