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Nokri – Job Board WordPress Theme

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Demo login accounts

Demonstration site URL:

Demo account of the company:
Email: [email protected]
Password: company123

Demo Account Candidate:
Email: [email protected]
Password: candidate123

Introductory video of the nokri job board solution

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Nokri – Job Board WordPress Theme is an advanced WordPress theme for the job table. It contains all the necessary features to create a successful job portal website. Nokri is a complete and easy to use website. By using Nokri WordPress Theme, you can create a complete and fully responsive work portal, a career platform for managing the website for human resource management, recruitment, independent work or job publication. The panels have convenient search filters, and both can be easily managed. The theme of Nokri WordPress has applications for Android and iOS available. Get apps and move one step ahead of your competitors.


  • Search for candidates included in the package.
  • Google adsense advertising spaces
  • Candidate / employer public / private profile option
  • Notification by email at work apply to the employer
  • Administrator contact details hide / show candidate / employer, for example, phone / email / contact form
  • Front-end multirrevista added
  • New verification of user registration
  • Simple work expiration
  • Ajax Drag and Drop Image Up loader
  • Google Map Locations
  • Featured works
  • Work expiration limits
  • Free and Paid Package Management Control
  • Auto / Manuel approval
  • Location of the Google map
  • Open streat maps
  • Contact form 7
  • Related jobs
  • Work status
  • Widget Ready Search Drag and drop
  • Search based on location
  • Search based on featured works
  • Search based on title
  • Sidebar widgets
  • Search based on the category
  • Chimpanzee mail
  • 1 Click Demo Imp.
  • Lang.Translation ready
  • Redux Framework
  • Visual Composer – Page Builder for WordPress
  • The last Bootstrap 3.7
  • Latest JQuery 3.1
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Really sensitive
  • Awesome fountain included
  • Clean and creative design
  • Clean code
  • Easy to customize
  • Fully reusable section
  • Targeted advertising points
  • Intelligent and creative grid
  • Multiple listing style
  • Compatible with cross browser
  • List of jobs, candidates and companies.
  • Enter and Register Models
  • Contact us page
  • Optimized SEO
  • Well-managed documentation
  • Advanced search sidebar

Here is the link of the live documentation. Live documentation
Note: We are not providing assistance for any type of adult website / appointments. If you want to buy what you can do, but do not expect support for illegal, adult or dating websites.

Attention: Google's map service has updated its policy. Please read the details here

Thank you

Nokri theme change themes

Updates: v 1.1.0 February 27, 2019

1) Work with external link added
2) Assign premium job class to any job from the back-end
3) Sticky menu option added
4) Added profile image size option
5) In Packages, short code work text, added option
6) Mail template spacing issues corrected.
7) Search with the title theme of the map arranged.
8) The problem of localization of the parallax was solved.
9) Automatic delivery category if there are no children removed
10) Auto send location if no child is deleted
11) Assign premium job class to any job from the back-end
12) Fixed link footer problem
13) The employer's pending order filter problem was corrected
14) The problem of empty bending was solved.
15) Corrected response capacity problem
16) Problem with the corrected check box on the payment page
17) The problem of English grammar was solved
18) Updated plugin
19) response problem solved
20) updated boat file
21) updated translation file
22) Change of brand of the Google login button

Updates: v 1.0.9 January 29, 2019

1) Import of works with WP All Import
2) User type information of the administration panel
3) Enable / disable delete user profile options
4) Enable the disabled applications section in footers
5) Hindi with one click import of demo added
6) Translation files were added to Hindi.
7) See all the link in the short code of the corrected blog
8) Correction of typographical errors
9) updated boat file
10) Updated plugin
11) The CSS problem was solved

Updates: v 1.0.8 January 11, 2019

1) Hindu Demo released.
2) Job search with map launched.
3) Map marker image loading option
4) Only the administrator can publish the added job option
5) Option to enable / disable the map in profiles and jobs
6) Click and get the current location in the profiles and job publication pages.
7) Low profile alert in the candidate panel
8) The welcome text option has been added in the users control panel.
9) Changing text of the placeholder when selecting the email template
10) Send email about corrected candidate status spelling errors
11) The icon of change in all the works was corrected.
12) Contact us.
13) The entire background image of the employer was eliminated.
14) The CSS problem was solved
15) Updated plugins
16) updated boat file

Updates: v 1.0.7 December 12, 2018

1. The administration options were added, the expiration date was set and the candidates resumed access.
2. Administrator make employer / candidate any user
3. The administrator hides / shows the option of the set profile for users
4. Hide / show social links in public profiles.
5. Work tags displayed
6. Search design grid problem solved
7. Link record in the menu.
8. Problem with the image of the corrected publication page
9. Fixed the addition of the previous package
10. The spelling problem was corrected.
11. Sizes of the fixed control panel icons
12. Candidates at the same fixed values.
13. Updated plugin
14. Css fixes
15. Updated translation file.
16. WordPress 5.0 Compatible

Updates: v 1.0.4 December 5, 2018

1. Map on a single job page added
2. Base search of aggregate candidate package
3. Google Adsense ad spaces were added.
4. Custom location search drop-down widget
5. The administrator can edit any detail of the work.
6. Pending work message
7. Updated plugin
8. 4 new thematic colors
9. Option to share social work
10. Updated translation files.
11. Style improvement.

Updates: v 1.0.3 November 3, 2018

1. The candidate / employer public / private profile option has been added
2. Email notification at work applies to the employer
3. Contact details of the administrator / show candidate / employer, for example, telephone / email / contact form
4. Css arrangements
5. Add-on updates.
6. Responses to solved problems
7. Cover added Latter.
8. Updated translation files.
9. Improved style.

Updates: v 1.0.2 October 25, 2018

1. Improved style
2.RTL style updates
3. Solved problems solved
4. Updated translation files.
5. Corrected verification email
6.Plugin updates

Updates: v 1.0.1 October 19, 2018

1. Initial launch with corrections of mining problems and add a new demonstration.


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