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Multi – Fluid Responsive Magento Theme

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BIG UPDATE: July 12, 2015 V1.4. See changelog

Multi is an easy to use, highly customizable and fully fluid responsive Premium Magento Webshop Theme. The theme fits any kind of store and contains several different children's themes. Also super easy to use as boiler plates / starting point for all your custom projects.

Compatible with the following Magento versions:,,,,,,,,,,, and 1.9. 1.0 NEW!!.

3000Themes provides premium, fast and friendly support to our support site 3000themes.com. We monitor our support channels daily, usually in our office hours at. 9-17. but very far beyond and on weekends. For all buyers who register their theme on our support websites, receive additional bonuses such as freeing PSD files from the themes and additional customization tips and ideas.

Unlike many other writers, we provide great customization services, which means we can help and assist you with any Magento question, but also services such as installation, design customization and feature requests can be obtained from our site support forums, feature requests, which are a supplement for theme we do not charge anything at all!

Many themes are built beyond standard or other themes available in magento. This stops the ability to make your own theme and keep the source up to date. Unlike other themes, we let you develop your own children's theme, the basis of the called "standard", we already build 3 unique children's themes "Bags", "Fashion" and "Sushi". You can use this as a reference point to continue.

Why use this procedure?

  • This makes your theme update proof
  • Keep your child's theme pretty and clear
  • Give your big boiler plates to your sites

Personally, in our organization, we build about 80 to 100 custom websites for our customers. All of these use Multi as the basis, you can also do this here. Checkout some of our projects: 12Cook.com. Shoes store and Cipriani Online.

We do professionals Webshop Development at our agency based on this theme.

Check out our others Web design occupation.

No magento kernel files have been changed, so both the theme and magento can be upgraded perfectly!


  • Magento NEW!!,,
  • Magento,
  • Magento,,
  • Magento,,
  • Magento,


  • Tailored design – Change the look and feel of everything you want, colors, features, fonts, and so on
  • Unlimited color – Change colors in one-design, fonts, backgrounds and more.
  • Google Fonts – Select more than 600+ Google fonts to customize your site
  • Patterns – If you use the boxed design, choose different designs to spice up your design
  • Backgrounds – If you do not want to use a pattern, use your own custom background image
  • Revolution slider – Make the most amazing sliders with the Revolution slider
  • Flex slider – If you want to use a more light and clean look shooter, use the included flex slider instead of the revolver slider
  • Static img instead of the slider – The third option is just a static image, for the most pure and simple look


  • Responsiveness on / off – Do not want responsiveness, you do not need to, turn it off
  • 12 Col grid – Based on the simple 12 column network, expand it yourself, easily customize and respond instantly.
  • Google Fonts – Select more than 600+ Google fonts to customize your site
  • Box and full width design – Choose from a box or full width design
  • Fluid reactive – Fluid responsive, scaled to all screen sizes
  • Wide design – We make use of the latest width solutions for extra space for your epic products


  • Easy multi-level navigation – If you have navigation 2, 3 or 4 levels deep, our navigation supports it
  • User-friendly mobile navigation – For the smallest devices (smartphones) a super easy multi-level menu.
  • Different colors – Want your sub-navigation in a different color, no problem.


  • 3 column top banners – Static blocks for extra top banners
  • Promotional banner – Large full width banner posibility. one or more
  • Unlimited website design – Our website is full of static blocks, so you are completely free in your website designs
  • Random product list – Do you want to show products on your website? Use our random product list widget, use it for bestsellers, popular and new products.


  • Fluidgitter – The product grids are fully flexible and fluid and change with your browser window
  • mobile network – Mobilnet has 2 products per row for optimal overview.
  • Alternative heavy image – You can use alternative hover images on your product list so on where they appear
  • Tailored net – Select which items are displayed or not on the product list pages
  • List and net – Both Grid and List views are available and can be selected by website visitors
  • Sleak designed filter – The saved navigation column is fully redesigned to suit this great design
  • Category heading – The headings have custom category headings that can be replaced by your own category image
  • Img aspect ratio – Image aspect ratio on product images is always stored. Upload any size, not just square


  • Product picture gallery – Upload as much product images as you like
  • Picture Zoom – Zoom the pictures with the mouse
  • Light Box – View your images in a larger size with Lightbox
  • Veneer / accordion – All extra content is available via Tabs or Accordion
  • Custom image size – Sizes of the images are flexible to suit your tastes.
  • Attributes Specification tab – A special tab with all the specification attributes you want
  • Custom tabs for custom content – Create custom tabs for extra content
  • Tabbed reviews – Reviews are user-friendly tabbed but accessible when needed and also enhances SEO
  • Related & Upsell products – Use both Upsell and related products
  • Social media shares – Make it easy for your customers to easily share the products on your site


  • Lots of CMS blocks – The whole theme is packed with CMS blocks that you can use / customize and fill to your liking, giving you the ultimate flexibility. These static blocks are available on the website, product list pages, product page, shopping cart, checkout and any other page you may think.
  • Customizing Football – Also footer is filled with static blocks to allow any kind of design
  • Social bookmarking – The theme makes social bookmarking very easy


  • SEO Optimized – The complete theme is created with SEO in mind, all codes are created as intended. See the documentation for additional info about SEO
  • Speed ​​improvements – Many of the themes available on theme shows are full of extreme traits to a large audience, but it actually makes it quite slow and prone to errors and errors. This theme is highly optimized for speed and stability.
  • documentation – This theme contains important documentation for installing configuration and changing the theme for your wishes.

More to come, still write … ..

We promise that all our updates are absolutely free!, we also update the theme as often as necessary, expand it with functionality and improve stability, functionality and extensibility. All our updates are easy to install and update to keep your installation fresh and usable.

V1.4 – Large update July 12, 2015

– Fixed a bunch of small styling issues
– Fixed errors that came up with
– Fixed some firefox bugs
– Order review firefox fix
– Footer styling compatibility fix
– Add to cart with options fix
– Basket bug fixed
– Determined some adjustment problems
– Fixed list view 500 errors
– Wish list functionality fix
– Font size billing fix
– Recent orders are set
– See order my account repair
– My last ordered items are fixed
– Account link is missing correction
– Edit my entire account section

V1.3 – Small errors December 23, 2014

– Solved the problem that there was no "homepage" layout on CMS pages.
– Attached the template name to the documentation
– Added additional screenshots to the documentation to make it easier
– Determined the phenomenon that the base table triggers pop-up on the installation.

V1.2 – Small bugs December 21, 2014

– Solution of small <? / <php issues for better compatibility
– Solved a styling bug on the website
– Cleared some files with rudder code

V1.1 – Name, change of documentation December 18, 2014

– Change name from "Awesome" to "Multi"
– Improved documentation, multiple screens, easier to use

V1.0 – Initial release 16 December 2014

– First release


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Jaeho Park completed a Master in Fine Arts at the Hongik University in 1999, followed by a Master in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster in 2012. After working for many years as a university professor, designer and curator in South Korea.

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