Mar 13, 2019

Montu – Music Sharing Platform SaaS Ready

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Montu is a Social Music Sharing Platform similar to SoundCloud & Spotify, allowing users to upload their music online and share it with the world.

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To use as a regular user, you can register a new account

for admin use

User Features

Montu has two types of users free users and pro users

  • Free users and pro users can use
  • Play music with the music player
  • Search and Explore Music Tracks and Users.
  • Users and perform the single-page trace that does all the information from the track with some action user & # 39; s.
  • each user has a profile.
  • users can love and other than, comment on the right track.
  • Users can follow each other and unfinished.
  • Users can share music by clicking the share button.
  • Users can easily register and subscribe to your site with a simplified registered form.
  • user can create playlist and add tracks to playlist.
  • user can send message to admin.
  • user can add blog post, read blog post, comment on blog post.
  • user can download tracks.
  • User can pay with any type with a credit card or visa card with a dash.
  • user can click on ads
  • free user has limited space to store tracks.
  • Premium users have unlimited space to store tracks.

Admin features

  • Easy Installation without any encryption or server knowledge over a few minutes with our easy installation and documentation.
  • Use as a CMS.
  • Manage users – delete – add.
  • Notification Sender.
  • Blog Manager.
  • Theming Setting.
  • Support.
  • Verify your purchase.
  • Ad Manager.


version 1.1, Wed, Feb, 13, 2019
Image upload problem has been fixed
logo updated issue fixed
Improve time loading
song loading and delivering on page 


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