Feb 13, 2019

MLMPro – Multi-Stage Forced Matrix MLM Script

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This is a Multi-Stage Forced Matrix MLM software that can be used to launch and run a large MLM (Multi-Level Marketing or Affiliate Marketing or Referral) business. This software allows members to register and manage their Back Office from their side with ease while admin managing all of the admin side. It integrates different matrices (2X1, 2X2, 2 × 3) with different bonus types Welcome Bonus, References Bonus, Stapout Bonus, Matrix Bonus (everything that can be manipulated from the software). The software is provided with a robust range of standard industry tools to easily manage your business.


1. Multi-stage MLM Features (with multiple matrices and highly extendable)
2. Feeder intro (Pawn Star 2X1) and five phases (Smoke Star 2X3, Knight Star 2X3, Bishop Star 2X3, King Star 2X3, Queen Star 2X2)
3. Robust spill over and spill under system (implement left to right)
4. Multiple Bonuses (Welcome Bonus, References Bonus, Matrix Bonus, StepOut Bonus)
5. Bonuses can be configured (default currency is $)
6. Binary system without breakaway, no boards or cycles, no splitting.
7. Register new members in various ways (Registration Form, Member Dashboard, Admin Dashboard)
8. View your network's total downlines or your immediate Team View
9. See all earnings (Total earnings, different bonuses earnings, transactions, ePins, etc.)
10. View all transactions from and to your e-wallet
11. Two additional security passwords (login password and transaction passwords)
12. Send messages / tickets to admin or other members of the system
13. ePin system
14. Reference system (send online referral invitations and see all invitations)
15. Industry Standard Well-written codes and functionalities
16. Responsive interface
17. Interactive Dashboard
18. Easy sign-up and registration system
19. Support Offline Payments
20. Robust Tree View
21. Flexible extraction system
22. Detailed Transaction Records of Multiple Actions
23. Detailed account listing
24. User profile with Avatar / Photo System
25. Ticket support system
26. Member Details and Password Recovery
27. Notification System by Email
28. SEO Friendly URL
29. Create easy sub-account
30. Supports unlimited referrals and even extensible.
31. And many more.


1. Dashboard
Summary of user's full name, username, country, email, phone, member ID, e-portfolio balance, purchases, direct members, total deposits, unused e-pins, current stage, messages / tickets
2. New Membership
Add new member
3. Profile
-Personal information
-Bank Info
Change Password Password
Change Transaction Password
-Upload Profile Pix
4. Network
-Downline Members
-Team View
5. E-Wallet
-E-Wallet Balance
-Withrawal Request
-All withdrawals
-Fonds Wallet
-Transfer Fund
6. E-Pin
E-Pins recovery
-My E-Pins
7. Message / Ticket
-Submit Support Ticket
-Send mail
-Sent item
8. Reference
Send invitation


1. Dashboard
Summary of Total Registration Income ($), Welcome Bonuses Paid ($), References Bonus Paid ($), Total Sales ($), Company Profit ($), StepOut Bonus Paid ($), Matrix Bonus Paid ($), Messages / Support Cards, New Withdrawal Request, Unused E-Pins, Total Members, Promotional / Match Winners (not available).
2. Profile
-Personal information
Change Password Password
Change Profile Pix
3. Administration management
-Create Admin Users
Manage administrator users
Manage management roles
-Deleted Administrators
4. Membership Management
-Add new member
Manage members
-Member Status
-Used accounts
5. E-Wallet Management
-Manage Wallet
-E-Wallet Credits
-E-Wallet Debits
-Withrawal Request
-Fonds Wallet
-Waiting withdrawals
Transfer Fund to others
6. Bonus Management
-Create Bonus
-List Bonus
-Bonus Configuration
7. Report management
Company Transactions
-Info report
-Bonus report
8. E-Pin Management
-Generate e-Pins
Show all e-pens
– Use e-Pin
-Fresh e-Pins
9. Promotion Management
-Create Promotion (Not available)
Management Promotion (Not Available)
-Promotion Report (Not Available)
10. Message / Tickets
-Send mail
– Travel ticket / post
-Create Mailing List
11. Database Administration
-Backup database

// HOW TO USE //
Open the ReadMe.txt file in the software package and follow instructions there.

// NOTE //

More updates are coming. Please check the software before purchase to make sure it meets at least your needs. No refunds after payments, unless we believe.


Demo Frontend: http://demo.royallifefoundation.org/login.php
Demo User ID: key
Demo User Pass: Test
Demo Admin access: http://demo.royallifefoundation.org/admin/login.php
Demo Admin ID: admin
Demo Adminpas: air

All pre-sale inquiries must be emailed: [email protected]. Thank you for your positive review.


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