Aug 15, 2018

MailWizz EMA – Subscribe by email

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MailWizz EMA – Subscribe via email

When is this useful?

This extension is useful if you want to allow your subscribers to subscribe / unsubscribe to / from your email lists by just sending an email to a particular email address with a particular topic.
– Your potential subscribers can send an email, let's say, [email protected] with the subject "Subscribe to [LIST_UID]"To subscribe automatically to the list.
– Your existing subscribers can send an email, let's say, [email protected] with the topic "Unsubscribe from [LIST_UID]"To unsubscribe from the list.
A more advanced way is to get your potential subscribers to send an email [LIST_UID]@ with the subject "Subscribe" to subscribe to the list or the subject "Unsubscribe" to unsubscribe from a list.
You can also use both ways at the same time, the extension supports this perfectly.
Please note that in all cases [LIST_UID] is the list unique id for each list.
This extension will also add correct info in the customer area for each email list, it will provide correct instructions on how people can subscribe / unsubscribe to the given list.

Make sure you read Following instructions before moving on. As this extension is based on piping the incoming emails into a PHP script (e-mail piping), it means that some will be harder to set up.
The guide explains step by step all you need to do to get started yourself, so by following it you should be able to set things up perfectly.

INSTALL / Configure

As with anyone MailWizz EMA extension, please follow install guide.
For configuration, please follow installation guide.


This extension requires MailWizz EMA > =

Question / SUPPORT

Be sure to go over Knowledgebase for this extension.


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