Aug 12, 2018
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Like 2 Unlock for jQuery

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Last update: May 21, 2014. Version: 4.1.8. Platform: to jQuery.

Similar 2-lock plug-in for jQuery is a similar button and content box in a bottle that allows you to lock specified content on a web page until a user clicks on a similar button and helps you get more likes, fans, traffic and customers!

Are you looking for a WordPress version? Click here.

Why does not the same button work on your site in reality?

You use a Standard Like Button on your site, but people do not click on it as often as you want? Needless to say, a Like button is a very powerful tool that can help you drive more social traffic, fans and customers. It should be, but usually it is not.

Although people like your content, website or fanpage, they do not click on a similar button because they are not worried about you, your benefits or your traffic. It's not their problem.

Just ask people to "pay" with a similar one! Give a reason!

You should give people a reason to click on a similar button. Invite people to "pay" with a similar to access your content or some services, and the button will start functioning as it should be!

Use the Like 2 Unlock closure to lock discounts, videos, download links, images, bonus content, forms, and more until a user clicks the Like button. It's an honest and natural way to increase the number, to get more traffic and more customers from the social network.

Look at how it works …

Info about the user Like is published in Facebook immediately on the wall, in the activity feed and in the ticker of him friends!

Note: You can continue using similar buttons or other social buttons on your site as you used them previously. The plug-in works perfectly without any problems.

key Features

Any URL that likes: a fan page, a website or a current URL where the plug-in is installed. Just set a required URL and that's all you need to get started.

Preset Styles. We want to make use of our plugins as easy as possible. So we added some preset styles to you. You are welcome to use them.

Very customizable. The plugin provides a considered HTML markup that allows you to create your own style for the closet. You can change colors, fonts, sizes, paddings, backgrounds, shadows, can add your own graphic elements. No coding required. Just add some CSS rules.

Utilities. We know that a good business is a flexible company. So the plug comes with some help tools that make the locker upset. It's a timer and a close button that allows a user to unlock the content without clicking a similar button.

And many others:

  • Allows only showcases for users who have a Facebook profile.
  • Remember users Who has already viewed your page via cookies.
  • Coming with watchdog. It's a special mechanism that automatically opens content if something goes wrong. For example, if access to Facebook is banned by business policy.
  • Allows to load content via ajax.
  • Compatible with all popular browsers (including mobile).
  • Block any type of content: text, videos, images, links, forms, and more.
  • Full integration with those already installed as buttons.
  • Provides events for developers: Unlock, Lock, Ready and others.

What people say

5 stars highly recommended !!!!!!

This developer is really amazing. His integrity to make sure his customers are taken care of was really appreciated. He worked back and forth via email with me after I bought "Like 2 Unlock" to work on getting this setup on my thank you page … – Adam

Thank you for this big plugin! Bought in seconds, because of all the different styles of possibilities to include the script – Bernd Voglmeier

Have just bought it and that works perfectly!Tatiana

I have used this on two sites and both times worked beautifully! I had a few problems installing on my other site, but the developer spent a few hours of his own time that helped me. Many thanks and good product! – Chris Evers

Thanks for the script it is really fantastic. – ccamilo

Need support, we got you covered

All our plugins come with free support. We do not care about your plug-in after purchase as much as you do. We want to make your life easier and make you happy to choose our plugins.

We have a help desk setup for our users, making it easy to fill in a ticket. We guarantee to respond to each request within 1 business day (typically response time is 3 hours).

Change Log

The latest updates:

v.4.1.8 – 21st May 2013

The documentation for the plugin updated. Added the link to the article on how to fix the error: "The following permissions have not been approved for use and are not shown to people who use your app: user_likes".

v.4.1.8 – 1 Sep 2013

  • FIXED: An error when the wardrobe does not display content after wishing it because the taste URL does not have a tricky slash.

v.4.1.6 – 26th March 2013

  • FIXED: A minor error of triggering events.

v.4.1.5 – 2 Jan 2013

  • Supported mobile devices improved (touchscreen).
  • The preset themes were made fully responsive.


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