Dec 9, 2018

Leo Michael Responsive Prestashop 1.6 & 1.7 Theme for Sunglass, Fashion, Multistore

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Leo Michael is completely responsive to the prestashop theme. Michael has 5 different websites suitable for all e-commerce sites and diversified commodities such as glasses, shoe stores, accessories stores, hats, baggage stores and multisellers. With 5 websites each website has different layouts for the customer easier to configure. But they have the same powerful properties. Readers are all you need to have a beautiful store.

First of all, Michael has full width slides and attractive banners to showcase your new arrivals or trending elements to immediately contact the customers. Information Blogs and Social Media allowed customers to share and share your product. In addition, they are nicely shown to your customer to track the information they need as a discount order, promotional activities.

Second, Leo Michael Prestsahop Theme was built with the best Prestashop Framework Ap Page Builder. Using this module helps the user create multiple profiles with multiple header and footer, you can create as much as the profile they need for marketing campaigns like Christmas or New Year's Eve. With the amazing features like Swipe, Animation and Owl Carousel elements, the whole theme gives a smooth feel.

Finally, it also supports CSS3, HTML5, RTL Language Layout and Bootstrap 3 Framework, which helps create refined web pages with semantic accuracy and highly customizable prestashop theme. Leo Michael Responsive Prestashop Theme comes with lots of built-in functionality, which includes a powerful admin panel that helps you manage your site better, adapt more easily.

See more backend:

Update Prestashop

  • Designed and completed with 7 layout styles for product details page
  • prestashop themes

  • Update Prestashop's standard RTL: can use RTL of Leotheme or standard RTL (note: standard RTL only for version upwards)

Animation effect is flexible, front end shows evenly. In addition, other modules are updated to fit version 1.7 like Megamenu, Slideshow, Live Theme Editor, Blog, etc. In particular, Leo Feature Module with wish list, compare, review, flight card (Only add for version 1.7.2.x upwards) & Standard carriage will provide the greatest experience for the user.

template Features

  • This template compliant with Prestashop 1.6.x
  • This template is designed for desktop, all tablets and mobile devices
  • Colors Themes support (Yellow, Blue, Pink …) and More header style
  • Template support for Jquery Effects, css 3. Multiple module suffix is ​​built-in template for module styling.
  • Impressive built-in content style.
  • Supports multiple layout options configured within from back office.
  • Easy to add custom html module, special, new home feature via Leo Manage Widget Module
  • Easy change color, template width via Leo theme control panel module.
  • Support for mother tongue translation.
  • We translate the template into 10 languages.
  • Fully compatible IE8 +, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.
  • Video Leo Framework
  • Leo Michael Prestashop Theme Guide to PrestaShop 1.6
  • Update prestashop 1.7.x

  • This template is compatible with Prestashop 1.7.x
  • We translate the template into 6 languages.
  • Fully compatible IE10 +, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.
  • Video Leo Framework
  • Leo Michael Prestashop Theme Guide to PrestaShop 1.7
  • Sidebuilder Module: Drag and drop, short code, creator landing page, custom field for product and category.
  • Product Listbuilding on Home Page and Category Page.
  • Product Detail Builder and Support 7+ Product Layouts.
    • Product Image thumb bottom
    • Product Image thumbs left
    • Product Image thumb right
    • Product Image No Thumbs
    • Product Image No thumb center
    • Product Image No thumb full
    • Product Image Gallery
  • Live Edit Theme: Change Background, Text Color, Header and Footer Style
  • Mega menu module, blog module, responsive slideshow, video slideshow.
  • Airplane, wish list, add to compare, product fan, ajax search.
  • Css3, SVG icons used.
  • Product Slider / Grid website and category page
  • See book module, product gallery module
  • Social Block: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Max load speed for google speed, SEO Optimization.
  • RTL and multiple language support

Change Log:


# 9311: Use Store Context in Configuration
Bug fix:
# 9299: Fix errors while copying a product when catalog-specific pricing rules are saved
# 9297: Fix the screen when a module uses $ this-> bootstrap = false;
# 9261: Update Controller Name for Link Generation to Module Catalog
# 9268: Added .htaccess to the Var folder
Front office:
Bug fix:
# 9315: Do not fix visible category view
# 9295: Fix free shipping view on cart
# 9270: Apache 2.4 configuration
# 9252: Add combinations to purchase summary
Bug fix:
# 9288: Fix cart :: isVirtualCart () method when the trolley is empty
# 9298: Fix / remove mbo from test
# 9220: Ability to use widget block from specific hooks
# 9269: Update ps_themecusto to version 1.0.6
# 9237: Fixed bug with friendly URLs and media servers
# 9101: Fix has curve rule today
# 9302: Reduce the number of ajax calls if the fittings are not too large and if enough memory is available
Bug fix:
# 9271: Catch multiple exceptions during installation and show error message for a JS error
# 9258: Restrict subquery results in upgrade sql


New feature:
# 8849: Add user club and UserVoice on BO link footer
# 8664: Change Employee Icon
# 8500: Make sure the store overview in header is scrollable with many items
# 8780: Improve BO speed by removing menu images
# 8725: Replace Google+ link on BO footer at Youtube link
Bug fix:
# 8925: Stop generating RTL css file for the default theme using SASS
# 8921: Fixed CDN management in the performance page
# 8871: Enhanced reproduction of combinations on the product page
# 8779: A little css overrides the modal title
# 8631: Request module zip for upgrade ONLY when the available version is higher
# 8714: Updated loaded details from database about module action
# 8696: Fix translation problem during language installation
# 8648: Fix Modal Background Not Removed When Uninstalling a Module
# 8618: Fix Type Warning In Order
# 8525: "No treasure" price setting is now well tucked in the admin product page
# 8476: Fix customer search in new order form
# 8234: Fixed bug on save specific price priority for specific product
Front office:
Bug fix:
# 8873: Fix questions regarding contact form modules
# 8856: Fixed undefined variables when a ur is called in ajax
# 8847: Override the creative module on classic template to correct the image width
# 8845: Solve the search bar on the header as it moves from hook and improves header structure # 2
# 7775: Solve incompatibility between canonical redirects, attributes, and product route that includes not only rewriting
# 8846: Fix menu width and submenu swing on header
# 8522: Fixed price rounding on the front of the product page
# 8867: Trust the correct old container, if available on modules
# 8584: Update to CamCase
# 8795: Minor improvements during installation
Bug fix:
# 8922: Fixed access to Front Office container from modules
# 8766: Show unit price within a tax in confirmation email
# 8607: Fix packages
# 8711: Default AJAX Relevance search sort order is incorrect
# 8803: Stop full object exposure at the front end
# 8708: Troubleshooting Tools :: strReplaceFirst that does not correctly compare the return of strpos + PhpDoc
# 8498: Fixed bug on reorder with free gift in the cart
# 8543: Layout broken by cache clear
# 8669: Make sure all addresses are reset on the cart
# 8462: Solve the empty module returned on actionEmailSendBefore breaks all e-mail sent
# 8277: CustomerAddressFormatter modes were requested without status (active) check to disable states in BO useless
# 8860: Make dezipper big again
# 8806: Sample Products in FA
Bug fix:
# 8913: Solve problem with package in installer (installer)
# 8891: Fix redirect redirection
# 8858: Include docs when you create zip-build
New feature:
# 8812: Delete product
# 8829: Add script to screenshot on Travis
# 8881: Check the product pagination in Front Office
# 8898: Check Generated Combination Table
# 8903: Add some corrections to the script
# 8813: Check Product Discount in Front Office
# 8805: Reset Module Welcome if the RESUME button is not available
# 8878: Check the appearance of the tinymce field on the product page
# 8854: Check the change of default combination from the publish page
# 8819: Fix black product script
# 8810: Check the total price in the shopping cart
# 8815: Reactivate functional test
Bug fix:
# 8842: Fixed Travis-build (update Chrome version of Chrome)
# 8746: Make file copy on ModuleSelfConfiguration mockable





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Jaeho Park completed a Master in Fine Arts at the Hongik University in 1999, followed by a Master in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster in 2012. After working for many years as a university professor, designer and curator in South Korea.

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