Jul 8, 2018
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Laraship Form Builder: Create and Embed Your Forms Every Where with CMS And Admin

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Laraship Form Builder is the ultimate Form Designer and viewer for your website, design and embed your forms in few minutes.
Laraship Form Builder Builder can run as a standalone installation as it comes with CMS and Admin modules
if you have Laraship already then you can install it from the modules screen

If you haven’t started your website yet, don’t worry; Form Builder is shipped Laraship with CMS and Website Administration Platform

Laraship Form Builder Features

  • 14 Field Types.
  • Intutive Form Design with Drag & Drop.
  • Varoius options for each field type .
  • Multiple submission actions :  Save to Database , Call API , Send Email , Auto Responder.
  • Mailchimp , Awebwer , Constant Contact Integration .
  • On Success and OnError configuration.
  • Shotcodes to embed easily on any CMS page or template.
  • Responsive Embed code to embed forms in external websites
  • Duplication submission detection.
  • Bootstrap 3 and ajax rendering .
  • View and export submissions .

Laraship CMS & Admin Features

  • User Management.
  • Content Management System: manage pages, posts, news, categories, tags with Page Builder
  • Two Factor Authentication .
  • Profile Management: with Profile image cropper.
  • Access Control: including Roles and Permissions
  • Social Login: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Github.


Demo is available at http://formbuilder.laraship.com/login

  • Authentication Management : Login / Register / Forgot Password.
  • Menu Builder: Manage dashboard and website menus
  • Setting Management: handle different settings like single value, array, files, numeric…
  • Activity log: monitors user activities and handle exceptions.
  • Slider Manager: includes video / image and HTML types.
  • File Manager: manage your files and embed them easily to HTML editors.
  • Google Analytics Integration: visitor analytics on your dashboard.
  • Awesome Dashboard: with System overview analytics.
  • Widgets: snippets to be included easily
  • FrontEnd theme
  • Automatic Remote updates for Modules.
  • Theme Management.
  • Documentation is available at https://www.laraship.com/docs/laraship/

    Why Laraship:

    • Latest Version of Laravel with Laravel 5.5  & Bootstrap 3
    • Encrypted URLs, SSL tested to ensure security
    • Actions and Filters Hooks for ease of customization
    • Beautiful theme for the dashboard and additional frontend theme.
    • Responsive and tested on all modern browsers.
    • Modular structure for scalability and maintainability.
    • SEO friendly: Ease of set titles and meta tags and  metas for twitter and opengraph.
    • Periodic updates and additional features.
    • Incredible support team.
    • Available for Freelance and customizations.
    • Detailed documentation.
    • Widgets & Shortcodes for easy embedding.
    • Easy Installation.
    • Compatible with Laraship Subscriptions too. 





    v2.3 – 06/25/2018

    - Fix File Manager issue
    - Add Module Updater command line
    - Add Form Submission Policies
    - Add Option to Pass parameters to embedded form
    - Add Internal Blog Feature
    - Add Notifications BCC emails based on users and roles

    v2.1 – 05/23/2018

    - Adding the ability to the non-admin user to create their forms by adding new permission.
    - Add Multiple Languages

    v2.1 – 05/23/2018

    - Add localization support.
    - Add RTL support for themes
    - Blue Theme for Admin
    - Settings Categorization
    - code fixes and enhancements
    - and Many more :)

    v1.9 – 05/12/2018

    - Add Date Range Filters
    - Grouping of Settings
    - Add Header and Footer JS / CSS settings for Both Admin & frontend themes 
    - Minor Fixes
    - and Many more :)

    v1.7 – 04/22/2018

    - Add Social Login: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Github
    - Add Dynamic Background option for Login Page
    - Minor Fixes

    v1.6 – 03/28/2018

    - Add Covert commisions Integration.
    - Add Actions Permissions
    - Fix Composer Update issue
    - Fix Profile image saving issue
    - Add Full-Text search module.
    - Add  Module Source in Custom Fields
    - Add  Module Caching Feature for Menus & Settings
    - Add  Theme Updater Feature
    - Fix Slider Policy Error
    - New cool features too :)

    v1.5 – 15/02/2018

    - Mailchimp & Constant Contact

    v1.2 – 12/02/2018

    - Add Aweber Integration
    - Add New Admin Theme version
    - Fixes and Enhancements

    v1.0 – 23/01/2018

    - Initial Release




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