Jul 2, 2018

Know Your Client Portal (KYC Portal)

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Know your Customer Portal (KYC Portal)

We strongly believe that eco-centric / paperless offices are not at all possible without offering self-service opportunities. KYC portal is developed for that purpose.

KYC Portal is a very useful, powerful and responsive portal for any company that wants to know or collect documents about their clients (or) suppliers (or) employees (or) suppliers (or) partners etc.,

] In other words: The portal that helps to grab the basic information and documentation of your clients (or) suppliers (or) employees (or) Suppliers (or) Partners etc,

This PHP script supports region based dynamic form creation, which means that if your customers span different countries or regions, we as administrator can create a dynamic form based on that country, so when your client logs in to their country / region-specific form, they will be visible to upload their details because each country or region in the same country follows a unique requirement for official documents.

KYC Portal contains Clean Dashboard, Reports, Contacts, Blog, and Settings for managing your client accounts, and when you make changes to your form, so your customers can log back and update it, which also gives the total completion rate visibility.

Finally, the KYC Portal gives a cute and practical interface or platform that makes it easy to get in touch quickly and conveniently with just possible options.

Pointing to Note:

1 . Admin credentials have not been delivered to the demo test site because visitors change all options, including the admin password. Please excuse us and feel free to contact us at [email protected] for the admin password

2. Radio buttons, check boxes and Text boxes are values ​​that add values ​​to this code so that we are not allowed to change / add these buttons while editing an existing KYC form, but you can customize it (or) we will do it for you at an additional cost.

Conclusion: When a 100% useful tool is available for only $ 29, why do you break your head to develop a similar tool, just watch this video if you're convinced to buy it right away, many thanks


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