Jul 3, 2018

Knock – Multi-Purpose Responsive Magento 2 and Magento 1 Theme

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Compatible with:

[ Magento OS 2.2.X ]:
Magento OS 2.2.3 / Magento OS 2.2.2 / Magento OS 2.2.1 / Magento CE 2.2.0

[ Magento OS 2.1.X ]:
Magento OS 2.1.12 / Magento OS 2.1.11 / Magento OS 2.1.10 / Magento OS 2.1.9 / Magento OS 2.1.8 / Magento OS 2.1.4 / Magento OS 2.1. 3 / Magento OS 2.1.2 / Magento OS 2.1.1 / Magento OS 2.1.0

[ Magento OS 1.X.X ]:
Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS 1.9 .2.4 / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS


Please note that not all features and modules listed here are supported in the Magento 2 theme. For more details, send us a message or add a comment.

Preview images are not included in the License License License


We provide support for the theme at no cost. If you have problems just send a ticket. Do not forget to give us your purchase code

Support Restrictions

As we are authors of the theme, we do not provide support that concerns 3-year party extensions, including modules that accompany the theme.
Support is provided only through ticket system. All tickets are handled in the queue, therefore, the answer will answer up to two business days. Be patient, thank you.
We recommend creating a ticket with maximum information about a problem. If so, you will receive a response faster.

We're not fixing issues due to customization, 3-year party extensions, previously installed theme.
We do not provide any integration service.
Adaptation is beyond the scope of our support.

Release Notes

Ver. 1.3 (29.03.18)

Magento 1

New. Military skin
Firm. Bread Crumbs
Firm. Google Maps

Ver. 1.2.4 (12.03.18)

Magento 2

New. Patch for magento 2.2.3 added
New. Patch for magento 2.1.12 added

Ver. 1.2.3 (17.12.17)

Magento 2

New. Patcher added to v.2.1.11 and v.2.2.2
New. Added auto slide options 

Ver. 1.2.2 (23.11.17)

Magento 2

New. Patch for v2.2.1 added
New. Patch for v2.2.0 added

Ver. 1.2.1 (09.11.17)

Magento 2

New. Patch for v.2.1.10 added

Ver. 1.2 (31.10.17)

Magento 1

New. Updated Quick Start Package - Base Version is
Firm. Vertical submenu
Firm. Shop by block - non anchor

Magento 2

New. Patch for v.2.1.9 added
New. Patch for v.2.1.8 added
Firm. Quick View Popup 

Ver. 1.1 (24.07.17)

Magento 1

New. Patch for v. added
New. Patch for v. added
New. Patch to v. added
New. Patch for v. added
New. Google Map api added
Firm. Knock popup newsletter.
Firm. Tier price j's breakdown
Firm. Widget slider in tab crash
Firm. Search page color samples
Firm. OPC payments title
Firm. More views on the mobile
Firm. Quickview js error
Firm. Product Zoom Removed on Mobile Devices
Firm. Knock popup newsletter
Firm. Shopby duplicate selected filters
Firm. Minor CSS and JS Changes 

Magento 2

New. Beauty skin added
New. Electronics skin added
New. Clothes skin added
New. Jewelry skin added
New. Patch to v. 2.1.2 added
New. Patch to v.2.1.3 added
New. Patch to v.2.1.4 added
New. Patch to v.2.1.6 added
New. Patch for v.2.1.7 added
New. Added quickview
New. Google Map api added
Firm. Product options
Firm. Confirm popup
Firm. SVG logo upload capability added
Firm. The product's first tab does not work
Firm. Bg slider and custom logo errors in compile
Firm. No Route Page 

Ver. 1.0 (Updated!) (10.10.16)

  New. Furniture skin M1 and M2
New. Kitchen skin M2
New. Bags skin M2
Firm. Vertical navigation.

Ver. 1.0 (27.09.16)

  Introductory edition Magento Community Edition 2.1, 1.9.XX (,,,,,,, 1.9. 2.4) 1.8.XX (,, 1.7.xx (,, 


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Jaeho Park completed a Master in Fine Arts at the Hongik University in 1999, followed by a Master in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster in 2012. After working for many years as a university professor, designer and curator in South Korea.

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