May 17, 2019

JD CleanX – Best Cleaning Company Joomla template

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JD CleanX is a full response Cleaning Services Joomla Template designed by JoomDev and compatible with Joomla latest version and Bootstrap 4. This template is powered by Astroid Framework that makes it easy to manage and customize your Joomla website. If you are offering cleaning services, or want to design a website for a cleaning company, JD CleanX is best suited for you. This template is fully packaged with powerful features like App download section, fast loading, highly responsive, cross-browser compatible, multiple article types and more.
This Joomla cleaning service template is designed with HTML5 and CSS3 that will enhance the beauty of your Joomla website. It comes with a powerful admin panel from where you can easily control all the settings.

Different forms for residential and corporate cleaning services

We understand the psychology of our users, so we've created all the important forms above the fold so you can get the best results. We have designed different forms for residential cleaning services as well as for commercial cleaning so that you can get detailed information about the job and quote the best rates. These shapes are within the tabs so that it will give better user experience on each device without making the user frustrating.
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Better user experience with unique and modern concepts

Forget about the outdated designs, we follow trends and our design concepts are in line with the latest trends so that the user can have a better experience on your website. This cleaning service Joomla template has a unique and modern design with proper call to action buttons, so users cannot leave your site without giving their details.
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Services Showcase with detailed pages

Services Showcase is an important section on your homepage. It's an important part of the site where users know more about your services. In this cleaner Joomla template we have developed a module that allows you to create your own services with a detailed page. So you can now display a full details page for a specific service linked to the service. You don't have to write the code for something, just add the content in given input fields and you're done.
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Display your work process and testimonials

Want to tell your visitors how you work? What process do you follow and what your client says about you? Don't worry, we have a dedicated section on the home page where you can display your workflow using a JD Process module. (You don't have to code anything.)
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Show your Staff members with JD Profiles

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Other powerful features you need to know

Additional features

  • Drag-and-drop layout builder
  • Fully mobile friendly layout
  • Built on Astroid Framework
  • Cross Browser compatible
  • Lightweight and fast loading
  • Google Fonts & Fontawesome Support
  • Article Post format
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS3
  • Testimonial Showcase
  • Newsletter Subscription

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JD CleanX - Best Cleaning Company Joomla Template - 8 JD CleanX - Best Cleaning Company Joomla Template - 9 JD CleanX - Best Cleaning Company Joomla Template - 10

Change Log:

v1.1: 22-March-2019

Joomla updated to v3.9.4
JD Simple Contact Form Updated to v1.2
AcyMailing Updated to v6.1.2
Astroid Framework Updated tov2.1.0
Regular Labs - Tabs Updated to v7.5.2
jquery.jddrop.js removed 

February 19, 2019: v1.0

Initial release


  • You only get a copy of the premium version for the 3rd party extension integrated with the quick start package. You will NOT get a license key for any integrated 3rd party extensions.
  • The images used in the template are for demo only. You do not get a picture within the quick start or template.


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