Apr 17, 2019

IMDB Movie and TV show WordPress Plugin Using TMDB

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If you run an entertainment or news blog, IMDB movie and TV program can use WordPress plugin through TMDB.

Below are some of the screenshot from both the front and back of the IMDB Movie WordPress Plugin:

IMDB WordPress Plugin
IMDB WordPress Plugin
IMDB WordPress Plugin
IMDB WordPress Plugin
IMDB WordPress Plugin

After installing and enabling this plugin, you will get the option settings page for this plugin below Settings> Movie Option.

To add the IMDB movie information into your mail and pages, click the IMDB Movie button in your editor's page. Here you can place the IMDB ID of the movie, or you can also search the movie.

TV program can be added with the short code mentioned in the documentation

Note that you must provide the correct TMDB API key in the settings page to display the movie details on posts and pages via short code. Also, the movie search feature while adding the movie button of the editor button uses this API key.

Features of IMDB WordPress Plugin:

Below are the features of this plugin:

  • Show movie using TMDB API Key in your posts and pages using shortcode
  • Display TV program using TMDB API
  • Reactive design
  • Simply put shortcode by using the button in editor. Here you just put the IMDB ID of the movie or you can add the IMDB movie.
  • There are 5 different designed themes available.
  • Show movie name, tagling, budget, rating, release date, review and more.
  • Why do you need this plugin?

    This plugin can be useful if you have an entertainment site or news blog on WordPress. You don't have to type information about movie. You can only add the movie by placing IMDB movie ID or by searching the movie from the button available on the page of the page and page editor. Then, the plugin will automatically retrieve the information and show it in your posts or pages with TMDB API key.

    For TV shows, use the short code provided by this plugin.

    So this IMDB Movie WordPress Plugin will save a lot of time, making it easier to run your enthusiasm or news blog.

    Since this plugin uses the TMDB (https://themoviedb.org) API, so you can also call it TMDB WordPress Plugin.

    How do I install this plugin?

    To install this plugin just go to the plugin> Add new and then click "Upload Plugin". here you need to upload the "imdb_movie_shortcode_wordpress_plugin.zip" and then activate it.

    To work with IMDB WordPress Plugin, you need to get TMDB API key. You can get it by creating account TMDB.
    Yes, with this plugin you can get movies from IMDB, but IMDB does not provide an API key to get movies from them. but TMDB provides API key that can get movies available on IMDB. It may look like many, but actually TMDB is the API provider to get IMDB movies.


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