Aug 26, 2018

Hotel Booking – Property Rental WordPress Plugin

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# 1 Hotel and Vacation Booking Plugin for WordPress

MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin is a complete hotel and booking system for WordPress. Since it does not require coding, the plugin is absolutely convenient for non-technical site owners as well as developers who build WordPress hotel themes or custom websites to customers.

The plugin does not focus on a particular hotel stay, so you can use it for hotels, bed and breakfast sites, guesthouses, apartments, villas and even hostels (see some of the demo examples to see how it works in the wild.)

The plug comes with all necessary features to run a fully functional hospital company website and (optionally) manage reservations. You will be able to

  • make a beautiful list of all your properties;
  • check seasonal prices and prices
  • add a real-time search availability form;
  • Rent housing online online with or without immediate payments;
  • synchronize direct site reservation with popular travel channels via iCal via admin channel manager;
  • add taxes and fees;
  • Increase direct bookings with your own website

Highlights of the product

Real-time search availability form

Travelers find accommodation for necessary dates and a number of people in a matter of click. Accommodation calendar will show a minimum length of stay based on the search parameters. You can also add your custom text to the "Children" parameter to make it more clear to your guests.

Unlimited number of homes

Add and show unlimited number of rentals. For hotels with many rooms of the same type, you can generate accommodation automatically. You can add and display a property description, a photo gallery, unlimited room facilities, rates, extra services and more for all individual accommodations.

season Pricing

Set prices depending on a season or certain days / dates. "Season" is a generic term, and you can feel it anyway to reflect your price changes.


Set different rates based on housing benefits (eg breakfast included / no breakfast). Your guests will choose the most appropriate while they book.

Variable pricing

Make prices dynamic depending on your guests. You can optionally adjust house prices by setting price variables based on a number of guests.

Weekly and monthly rates

You can set the property rate depending on a season (any expression). To create different price points based on length of stay, you can add weekly, monthly or other custom rates. The system will automatically discount accommodation according to your betting rules.

Booking more accommodations

A guest can book several accommodations for many people during a booking process. You may want to turn on the plugin to recommend the best set of accommodations based on a number of guests.

The search algorithm is very smart so your guests get the most appropriate results in seconds. However, the guest can skip the recommendation and make their own choice.

Packages and services

Offer bookable additional services or packages (free or paid) along with the accommodation reservation. Fee per Room or per room Person.

confirmation Features

Confirm orders automatically or manually, with or without payment.

  • by guest via email
  • by admin manually
  • By paying

Awaiting reservations that were not confirmed will be updated with "Leave" status, therefore the accommodation will be available for reservation. The site administrator can see the "abandoned" bookings and get in touch with potential tenants via email.

Flexible booking rules

Set my / max days to stay and available check-in and check-out dates for the entire hotel establishment, accommodation individually or seasonally. You can also disable the booking option for all accommodations or anyone individually for a specific period.

Online and offline payments

The reservation system accepts payments via PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe and Beanstream / Bambora (these are built-in payment gateways you can use for free). Charge the full fee or deposit to confirm the reservation, let guests pay upon arrival.

WooCommerce Payments addon

If you need more payment gateways to handle online reservations, you can get a prize WooCommerce Payments add-on that we specifically created for the Hotel Booking plugin.


Complete and correct pricing of all accommodation fees: Add mandatory fees, accommodation taxes, service charges and taxes. Guests will be able to see the summary of taxes before making a reservation. All this information on each booking is also stored in the admin dashboard.

iCal support for syncing bookings across OTA & # 39; is automatic

Automatic sync of bookings submitted via your WordPress property rental website with those from online travel agencies like Airbnb or Avoid overbooking!

booking Calendar

All received bookings and booking requests in their current status are stored in one place, easily sorted and displayed in a calendar view.

Discount Coupons

You can set a discount amount, expiration date, choose accommodation types, set check-in and check-out dates, minimum and maximum days of stay, and apply other options to customize your coupons.

Email notifications

Receive and send automatic messages on each booking request – approve and cancel email by email. Easily customize the content and design of your email templates.

Multilingual support

The frontline and backend for the plugin are professionally translated into 14 languages: Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, French, Arabic and German (more on the way). The plug-in is officially compatible with WPML.

GDpr compliant

MotoPress Hotel Booking is GDPR compliant. Your guests will find check-in for opt-in consent under each booking form to accept your terms and conditions for your website prior to the reservation.

Card Codes and widgets

You have a list of card codes to use: availability search form, search results for availability, list of room types, service list, etc. Each card code comes with a detailed explanation and flexible parameters.

Optimized with Elementor

fetch Elementor + Hotel Booking Integration and use them in harmony.

Actions and filters

Developers can change the construction and appearance of the booking plugin with a fairly rich list of hooks, actions and templates specified in the documentation.


= 2.7.6, July 27, 2018 =
* A new way to display available / unavailable dates in a calendar using a diagonal line (half-day). This will correctly show your guests that they can use the same date as check in / out one.
* Deactivated predefined parameters for adults and children on the checkout page to let the guest have more perceived control over the options they choose.
* Solved the issue of reservation rules and WPML. Now all translations of accommodations are not displayed on a list, and the booking rules apply to all translations.
* Fixed the problem with Stripe when you create a reservation from the backend.
* Solve the problem that the booking rules do not apply while checking availability for the property with "Skip search results" enabled.
* Added a new function "Guest Management". It is currently in beta and is used only for frontend. Here are the main options for this feature:
* Hide "adult" and "children" fields within search availability forms.
* Disable "children" option for the website (hide the "children" field and use the guest mark instead).
* Disable adult and child options.
* Replaced "Per Adult" brand with a more catch-all term "per guest" for Services.

= 2.7.5, July 18, 2018 =
* Increased number of digits by comma to set a price per Night. This will help you set exact prices for weekly, monthly, and custom rates.
* Improved the way to display a pricing on the checkout page: The price is automatically updated based on the number of guests if there are any price variables per. Guest.
* Added the availability calendar shortcode.
* Added sorting parameters to card codes.
* Added all missing currencies in the list of currencies.

= 2.7.4, June 27, 2018 =
* Fixed PHP warning that may occur in version 2.7.2.

= 2.7.3, 21 June 2018 =
* Fixed PHP warning that may occur in version 2.7.2.

= 2.7.2, June 20, 2018 =
* Added the ability to add monthly, weekly and custom (based on length of stay) rates.

= 2.7.1, Jun. 5 2018 =
* Fixed the bay with the missing slider icons that appeared in an earlier update.
* Added a new admin data picker style.
* Single room type of data output was rewritten in actions to allow developers more flexible customization.
* Fixed bug with month's location of admin booking calendar.
* Fixed alphabetical ordering of countries to non-English websites.
* Added Summary and Description info to iCal import log files to help you identify bookings from different channels.

= 2.7.0, May 18, 2018 =
* Added the ability to manually create a reservation.
* Added Terms and Conditions check box to reservation confirmation page.

= 2.6.1, April 23, 2018 =
* Fix: Restored CSS class of image galleries as it breaks some themes.

= 2.6.0, 20th of April 2018 =
* Added the ability to set different prices for an accommodation based on a number of guests.
* Optimized image galleries of accommodations.
* Added support for Jetpack Lazy Images Module.
* Fixed bug showing the age of children in search availability form added via a shortcode.
* Fix the price format in the Recommended Settings section.

= 2.5.0, April 4, 2018 =
* Minor bug fixes and improvements.

= 2.4.4, March 14, 2018 =
* Improved compatibility with Elementor Page Builder plugin.
* Fixed the error with missing slash in calendar URL.

= 2.4.3, March 7, 2018 =
* Added a new option to skip the search result page and enable direct booking from accommodation pages.

= 2.4.2, February 28, 2018 =
* Fixed bug with check-in and check-out time not saving. Time settings were set to 24-hour clock system.
* Added tags to accommodations.
* Added the following mphb_rooms shortcode parameters: Category, Tags, IDs, and Relationship. Now you can show accommodations by categories, tags or accommodation IDs.
* Added a new field of settings where you can set a standard child's age accepted in your hotel stay. This is an optional text that will fill the "Children" field that specifies this information for your visitors.
* Improved search availability calendar. Now it shows correctly the minimum stay depending on a check-in date.
* Fixed bay with all dates displayed as inaccessible within certain reservation rules.
* Fixed the bay with a custom rule that was not used due to a global booking rule.
* Fixed the bug with Availability Calendar does not show the correct number of available homes.
* Added Status "Blocked Housing" to the Booking Calendar.
* Added a new DESCRIPTION field with the reservation information to the export calendar in iCal format.
* The export calendar in iCal format now shows the summary in the following format: first name, last name and booking_id.
* Now booking information from external calendars is sent across booking channels without change.
* Fixed the error by deleting an expiration date for coupon code.

= 2.4.1, Jan 31, 2018 =
* Added support of WooCommerce Payments extension.
* Errors: Fixed errors on the reservation confirmation page.

= 2.4.0, Jan 24, 2018 =
* Added the ability to add accommodation taxes, services taxes, fees (mandatory services) and taxes on fees.

= 2.3.1, dec. 22 2017 =
* Added ability to enable automatic external calendars synchronization.
* Fixed bug with speed duplication.
* Fixed location problems with accommodation titles in "Recommended" block.
* Fixed the bay with NextGen gallery plugin.

= 2.3.0, December 13, 2017 =
* Added more flexible booking rules:
* Possibility to set check-in dates for individual accommodation types during the selected seasons
* Possibility to set minimum and maximum stay for individual accommodation types in selected seasons
* Ability to block individual accommodation types and actual accommodation for selected dates
* Note: This release will perform an upgrade process on the database in the background. Make sure your previous booking rules have been transformed into new ones.
* Updated translation files.
* Please note! Due to distinctive features of multilingual settings, the titles of custom mail types and taxonomy (eg, Home Types, Categories) are translated from English to other languages ​​in the URLs of the pages.

= 2.2.0, Oct. 9 2017 =
* Implemented order synchronization with online channels via iCal interface.
* Replaced Services text & # 39; per night & # 39; with & # 39; a day & # 39 ;.
* Renamed Facilities to Facilities.
* Bug fixed: Stripe is now displayed on the Booking Confirmation page, although it is the only payment method selected.
* Troubleshooting: The amount of accommodation displayed in widget does not depend on the global WordPress settings.
* Removed limit for setting the number of adults and children in the accommodation type menu.
* Attach the link to see a reservation in the administrator's email.
* Fixed the overlap problem by clicking on a link in the list of prices.
* Fixed the problem with the% customer_note% tag that was not displayed in email.

= 2.1.2, 14th of August 2017 =
* Error Correction: Reset "Beds" to Settings.
* Booking Confirmation Update: Guests must select the number of adults and children.

= 2.1.1, Jul 19, 2017 =
* Correction: Fix the placeholder for post titles.

= 2.1.0, July 13, 2017 =
* Added the ability to create and use coupon codes.

= 2.0.0, June 28, 2017 =
* Note: This release will perform an upgrade process on the database in the background.
* Note: This release adds new tags to email templates. Please update your templates. To reset an email template, just delete the current text and save settings.
* Note: This release does not limit the number of adults and children in the Search availability form. Please update "Max Adult" and "Max Children" number in plugin settings.
* The updated plugin allows guests to reserve and pay for more (more than) accommodation types during a booking process.
* Search results page was updated: Guests can select and add more accommodation types to a reservation.
* On the search results page, the plugin shows all recommended accommodations according to the number of guests specified in a search query. This setting can be turned off.
* Email templates were updated to support multiple bookings.
* Admin page descriptions were updated to facilitate the work with the plugin.
* Error Correction: Solved the problem of saving check-in and check-out in Settings.
* Improved compatibility with Jetpack gallery and lightbox modules.
* Added a custom pagination setting that allows you to specify the number of posts per. Page for housing and services.
* An annuller email template is available as a separate tag - it is used when a cancellation setup is turned on.
* A price-sharing table on the reservation confirmation page was updated: it is now smaller with the ability to use details of each booked accommodation.
* Updated list of data your guests need to deliver when they send a booking. Admins can set it to: no data required / country required / full address required. Please select the preferred setting.
* 15 new themes were added to the calendar to fit your theme design much better.
* New filters, actions, and CSS classes were added to developers.

= 1.2.3, May 12, 2017 =
* Added the ability to receive payments via the Beanstream / Bambora payment gateway.

= 1.2.2, April 26, 2017 =
* Added the ability to receive payments via Braintree payment gateway.

= 1.2.1 Apr 24, 2017 =
* Bug fix: Fix the problem of unlevered emails after booking.
* Correction: Fixed the problem of booking calendar location.

= 1.2.0, Mar 29, 2017 =
* New algorithm for viewing accommodation pricing:
* It shows the minimum available price for accommodation for dates specified in the search form of visitors
* it shows the minimum available price for accommodation from the day of visit and for the next fixed number of days predefined in settings (if dates are not chosen by visitors)
* It shows a total price for selected dates or the price of "minimum days to stay" specified in the settings.
* Added the ability to manually create a payment. Useful function to keep all your finances in one place.
* Added the ability to search by e-mail or ID on the list of bookings.
* Added the ability to filter payments by status and search them by email or ID in the list of payments.
* Added a new email template to give administrator notification of new reservation, which has been paid and confirmed.
* Added the ability to activate comments on accommodation and services on the front.
* Thumbnail size of log gallery is set to & # 39; thumbnail & # 39; to make all pictures of the same size.
* Error Correction: Fixed a problem when prices show shown rates in the past on the front end.
* Error Correction: Fixed a problem as the price of the service was shown twice.
* Added new Arabic language files.

= 1.1.0, March 14, 2017 =
* Added the ability to receive payments via PayPal, 2Checkout and Stripe gateways.
* Did plugin multilingual ready.
* Added translation into 13 languages ​​(Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, French, German).

= 1.0.1, Jan. 13, 2017 =
* Added the option to enter dates via keyboard
* Added the ability to duplicate Rate
* Added option to select date format in plugin settings

= 1.0.0, dec. 23 2016 =
* First release


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