Aug 10, 2018
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Gravity Forms – Sell License, Pin Code, Antivirus keys, itunes

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The professional Gravityforms
License Manager plugin

Gravity Forms License Manager is one Gravityforms add-ons that allow you to sell Game
iTunes cards, phone cards, serial numbers, license keys, antivirus keys, PIN or your digital product license such as
Plugins and themes.

This plugin is your ultimate solution for selling licenses on your site through Gravity Forms.


  • 1. Add unlimited licenses and unlimited license keys to each form.
  • 2. Batch upload licenses in CSV or TXT
  • 3. Automatic License Keys Generator from your desired mask and format.
  • 4. Sell licenses from 3dparty API.
  • 5. Supports up to 4 custom fields for each license. For example, your license may have "License", "Pin", "Exipry."
    date "," etc "
  • 6. Adds custom static or dynamic "Prefix" and "Suffix" to each license key. (Supports merge codes)
  • 7. Supports Conditional Logics for licenses.
  • 8. You can choose that license keys will be delivered Only after successful payments or no.
  • 9. Provides license keys in "Confirmations" and "Notifications (Emails)" or (()SMS)
    via "Licenses Merge Tags"
  • 10. Encrypt License Keys before storing in Database via "GFCommon :: openssl_encrypt ()" function or your custom
  • 11. Automatic preview License keys such as image or QR code if the key is a picture URL.
  • 12. Bulk Action (Add, Delete, Make Available, Not Available).
  • 13. Advance Tracking System for sold licenses. (see battle)
  • 14th Advanced API System (Is It Awesome?)

How to add license keys?

  • 1. Predefined Handbook by hand (one by one) or batch upload (.txt or csv)

  • 2. Generate automatically through the Gravtiy form input mask (ALL for input

    Use a & # 39; 9 & # 39; to generate a numeric character.
    Use lowercase letters & # 39; a & # 39; to generate an alphabetical character.
    Use an asterisk & # 39; * & # 39; to generate alphanumeric character.

  • 3. Use the rest API (POST or GET) to provide license key from another web app and third party.

How to track sold licenses?

  • 1. Licenses are displayed in Input Information. You can also edit them.
  • 2. Licenses can be tracked through the API.
  • 3. Sold licenses appear in feed pages.

Advanced API System

The API is safe because you need to enter your custom API_Token in plugin settings.

This plugin is very useful for creating a license server and does the following via the JSON API:

  • Deliver license key from another web app and third party to users after purchase.
  • Inquiry shares before delivering what said the above line.
  • Check expiration date and status as "Active, Inactive, Pending, Deleted, Suspend, …" of a license key from
    your application
  • Change expiration date and status as "Active, Inactive, Pending, Deleted, Suspend, …" of a license key from
    your application


If your licenses are as many per. feed, increase "max_input_vars" in php.ini


v1.1.0: 2018/06/01:
- Fixed Bugs and compatible with gravity form 2.3
v1.0.1: 2017/10/11:
- Fixed errors in PHP7.1
v1.0.0: 2017/07/04:
- First version


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