Aug 23, 2018

Google Analytics jQuery Event Tracking

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This is an implementation of Google Analytics to jQuery with advanced feature tracking.


  • Asynchronous tracking code lays well in the background.
  • No more site loading delays while Google Analytics loads.
  • Track all jQuery events.
  • Event tracking with jQuery feeling. No more fighting with _gaq.
  • Bind any jQuery event to any Google Analytics command.

Implementation is as easy as:

$ (& # 39; # Element & # 39;). Go (& # 39; click & # 39 ;, ['_trackEvent', 'Click', '#element']);

That is it!

You also do not have to worry that Google Analytics is fully loaded because this plugin maintains its own queue and performs all Analytics commands once the code is finished loading. This means that there is no need to pack $ .ga calls in a "page load" code (although it will also work there ;) ).

What customers say

  • "This little jQuery plugins works well! Thanks for it!"


  • 25.05.2011 – Increased flexibility to a maximum. Now it is possible to bind any jQuery event to a Google Analytics command.


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