Jul 12, 2018
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GedCom Parser

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GedCom Parser is a JavaScript library that focuses on translating the GEDCOM structure into a GedCom library.

Tested with GEDCOM 5.5 exported from Ancestry.com.

What is GEDCOM?

GEDCOM (an acronym stands for Genealogical data communication) is an open de facto specification for the exchange of genealogical data between different family programs. GEDCOM was developed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) as a help in genealogical research.

About Structure

A GEDCOM file consists of a header section, records and a trailer section. Within these sections, records represent persons (INDI-mail), families (FAM records), sources of information (SOUR records) and other miscellaneous items, including notes. Each line in a GEDCOM file begins with a level number, where all top level records (HEAD, TRLR, SUBN and each INDI, FAM, OBJE, NOTE, REPO, SOUR and SUBM) begin with a line of 0, while second level numbers are positive integers.

About version 1.4.31

  • Gedcom.toGedCom () method added
  • Data.toGedCom () method added
  • List.toGedCom () method added
  • List.create () method added
  • Indi.addToFamily () method added
  • Indi.removeFromFamily () method added


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