Aug 12, 2018
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FTP Made Easy Lite – PHP FTP Client with Code Editor

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FTP Made Easy is a complete solution for online FTP Client software. You can access your FTP location using a web browser and view, edit, and delete files on the server. You can also filter your files by file type name. This Online FTP Client PHP Script will help you have your own FTP client on your server. FTP File Uploading was done very easily and easily. Large files up to 256 MB supported.

Say goodbye to desktop FTP clients forever! And have your own online FTP software

Have you ever thought of uploading files to your FTP server using your mobile device or just using a web browser without any desktop software. Just think how it will be easy for you.
In this responsive script. That goal is reached. You can even upload your camera pictures to your ftp server directly using your mobile.

What buyers say …


Extremely fast and competent support. I highly recommend FTP Made Easy script. The file editor is a good plus. I am very pleased with this script.

Responsive FTP Client

The FTP client is fully responsive. You can manage your FTP server using your mobile device.
FTP Image Viewer, FTP Image Gallery, PHP FTP Client, Online FTP Client

Progressive, Multiple File Uploader

Easy to Use, Responsive, Drag and Drop File Uploader with Progressive Bar
FTP Image Viewer, FTP Image Gallery, PHP FTP Client, Online FTP Client

image files

Images (jpg, png and gif) can be enlarged and viewed as in an album.
FTP Image Viewer, FTP Image Gallery, PHP FTP Client, Online FTP Client

Code Editor

Files with coding like txt, php, js, css, html can be edited in the ftp client itself using easy-to-use code editor with color support.
FTP Image Viewer, FTP Image Gallery, PHP FTP Client, Online FTP Client


  • Connect to any FTP server using a web browser
  • Create new folders
  • See files and folders.
  • Upload files using easy drag and drop multiple files
    up loader with progress bar
  • Popup images, edit code files like txt, php, html, js, css
    with online code editor and save to FTP Server back.
  • Download, delete files and more ….
  • Easy to install on your server.
  • Online Demo available.
  • Installation instructions are available.

Need more features. see "FTP Made Easy PRO Script"

This online FTP Client software is for anyone who needs to manage their FTP accounts without using desktop software. You can manage your FTP accounts using your Tablet PC, Smart Phone, or any device that has a web browser to connect to WWW. This script uses PHP and MySQL. FTP commands to manage your files and folders.

Change Log

  1. 08/28/2016 : Update: grin: "title =": grin: Folder list error is fixed.
  2. 08/29/2016 : Update : grin: "title =": grin: changed ftp_mdtm to ftp_size because some servers do not have mdtm function.
  3. 26/12/2017 : Update : grin: "title =": grin: MP4 File Player In build


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Jaeho Park completed a Master in Fine Arts at the Hongik University in 1999, followed by a Master in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster in 2012. After working for many years as a university professor, designer and curator in South Korea.

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