Aug 17, 2018

Formdoid – Advance PHP Database Form Builder

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Formdoid is advance PHP database form builder that generates form directly from database tables by writing only 2-3 line codes. It automatically creates form fields based on field type and field name as defined in the database table. You do not have to write data entry code (insert / update / export) also script also handles that part. By default, the script also sets validations according to the field type and controls data submission using ajax.

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Code example – Only 2-3 lines of code

$ formdoid = new formdoid (); // create object of class
echo $ formdoid-> dbTable ("users") -> render (); // Call render function for the table

It just is not another form builder; It creates database database forms within seconds of database submission code so you can use them to paste / update / export data directly.

All you need is to create database tables in standard format and formdoid will generate form as well as manage complete database submission operations for you. Formdoid database management part is handled using PDOModel, so by using both script, you can create a complete CRUD application in a few minutes.

Formdoid also provides various methods of customization so that the form can be easily formulated as the structure you prefer. By default, formdoid comes with bootstrap frames, but you can use any template you want.


  1. Automatically generate insert / update forms directly from database tables
  2. Change label name, hide label
  3. Remove fields, Show specific fields, Change field type, easily change display order of fields
  4. Popup form
  5. Multistep form
  6. Export form data in pdf, xml, csv and excel
  7. Revoke features for PHP and Javascript
  8. Ajax based submission
  9. Adding static fields as terms and conditions, confirm password
  10. PHP and JS Validation
  11. Various settings and customization
  12. Field encryption to front end
  13. Fieldaddress, field description and tooltip
  14. Different types of template support work as standard with bootstrap
  15. Enqueue js and css
  16. Add plugins easily
  17. Many different types of fields are available
  18. Multilanguage support
  19. Database entry of fields from another table / array
  20. Load dependent data by changing a field such as country change, load state
  21. Normal, horizontal and inline form type is available
  22. Add css class and different data attributes
  23. Support for rtl by adding external css
  24. Captcha support
  25. Google Map support
  26. Best practices and easy to customize
  27. Login Validations

Complete process – what our script does

Process formdoid

My requirements for the script
PHP Version 5.3 and later
Must have write access to download folder

Wordpress awesome import and export plugin




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