Jul 31, 2018
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Flight Sim – HTML5 Game

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Flight Sim is an HTML5 game, where you have to guide flights to their landing areas, keep the skies safe to complete the levels to get high scores.

The ZIP package contains the game with 1280 × 768 resolution that is scaled to fit the entire screen, but it may not be fully fullscreen.

How to play:

1) Guide aircraft and helicopters inland by drawing airplanes
2) Do not scratch and complete the level to get high scores


This game is compatible with the HTML5 Games Scoreboard, it is an add-on page where the user can submit scores and see the top 10 leaderboard. You can get it here.


  • There are a total of 8 aircraft and 12 levels of gameplay
  • Aircraft settings (picture, speed)
  • Levels Settings (Levels, Lane, Speed, Total Plan, Next Plan Timer)
  • Built-in editing tool to preview or edit levels
  • Build-In Editor Tool Create or update runway
  • Complete game customization (Text, Images)
  • Basic Settings (Enter Full Screen, Silent Sound, Exit)
  • Share Score (Facebook, Twitter, Google)
  • High Definition (1280 × 765)
  • Auto-resize (Responsive)
  • Mouse and Touch Controls
  • Drive on all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
  • Browser does not support page
  • Mobile rotary instruction (for landscape only)
  • Create with CreateJS

Version 1.4:
- Fixed audio is not played in the Chrome browser

Version 1.3
- Added strok style for error plan
- Ability to draw automatic path to landing zone

Version 1.2
- Desktop Chrome Crash Collision

Version 1.1
- Flat planes do not move the problem
- Added to 12 levels


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