Jul 31, 2018
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Fastor – Multipurpose Responsive Opencart Theme

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Fastor is the best product we have ever done. It's the most powerful OpenCart theme with many options. Supplied modules allow you to save more than $ 200 and create a store at no additional cost. Demo content is a perfect solution for getting the shop ready for a few clicks. It's more than theme.

Fastor is packed with features and layouts, so you can not only create beautiful OpenCart websites easily, but you also get great savings with our included modules, including: Revolution Slider, Blog, Multistore MegaMenu, One-Page

Of course, Fastor is designed and developed with today's best practice coding methods, and is 100% Responsive, which means that regardless of device, your website will scale beautiful to fit each device every time.

Your users want an online experience as if they are tailored specifically to them. No coding is required, we promise.
Fastor's power continues with 60 ++ beautiful layouts already made for you. More than just a theme Fastor has all of these layouts available at checkout, so with a few clicks you will get the complete demo content installed with ease.
All you have to do is update the content and copy and your new site is ready for business. With features, including total e-commerce support and a management panel to control everything, Fastor is the complete package of OpenCart website solution you've been looking for.

The fully functional layouts have almost all kinds of business from Fashion Industry blogs to Pet Shop Websites, Musicians and Mechanics have all been covered by our easy to import demo content.
Building your OpenCart website has never been easier or more extensive than this.
From the new simplified administration panel, you have full control over your new site's look and feel, including unlimited colors with one click, an infinite choice with over 600 Google Fonts, product tags for full control of your e-commerce store as well as beautifully animated product hovering images.

Any kind of headline has been covered with 10 simple, elegant and functional header styles that will work with any skin you have chosen, as well as another 15 custom headlines to suit selected skin. You can even build your own by using the custom as templates. Heaven is the limit!

Our new MegaMenu Double will get your taxonomy sorted in no time. With fluid animations that can fly from left or right side, you are no longer restricted to clunky top down menus. With Fastor, you can create amazing menus that work in both Landscape and Portrait profiles that are perfect for today's modern devices, but contain custom links, eight different animation settings, and unlimited menu items.

Combine all this with a complete feature blog offer that includes an extensive Social Media integration with the popular Facebook Comments module or industry standard Disqus choice is yours. Create an SEO paradise for traffic with Fastor's optimized layout, including full support for audio and video inputs and a ranking system for your best content, the limits are truly your imagination!

key Features


  • OpenCart 2.0 + Compability – This theme is compatible with OpenCart 2.0 + and the latest releases.
  • LTR & RTL Lanugages – You can use any lanugage you want. It does not matter whether it's ltr or rtl direction. Our theme supports all languages.
  • Multistore Support – An administration panel for managing some stores
  • bootstrap – Theme was built based on bootstrap 3
  • Compressor Code – The contents of css and js files are located in a single file, delete spaces, allowing for faster page loading. Changes made when this option is enabled will be seen after one hour
  • Demo data installer – If you want to make your store look exactly like our demo setup test data
  • Viedo instructions – For this theme we provide video tutorials with instructions on how to install and configure the theme
  • SEO Optimized – Works with OpenCart seo settings
  • PSD files – Theme includes psd files for all skins


  • In advanced settings, you can change the type of each module you specified in your store. This module does not give big changes, but only some small css changes in space or limits for example. Because we have many types of items, we've created Live Editor for you so you can see live changes.


  • Unlimited colors – Change color to each item in the store, set patterns to background or upload own photo
  • 600+ Google Fonts – Choose any font you like from the Google Web Fonts Gallery
  • 67 prefabricated skins – All skins are included in the theme, and you can use anyone you want
  • Subtle pattern – Select background pattern from pattern list provided by Subtlepatterns
  • 100+ colors – Change the color of each item in your new store
  • Hover effect – 10 custom floating effects for banners to choose with live preview in admin panel
  • Shopping cart icon – Upload your own car icon and turn icon


  • Custom layout width – choose from 2 predefined layout width or set your own
  • Distance between columns – Select the space size in horizontal between columns
  • Responsive – Enable / disable responsive layout for your store
  • Layout type for each item – Choose between fixed and full width layout for each item as top bar, heading or slideshow


  • Sell ​​and enjoy badge – View sales and brand badges on product image with custom text or% discount for sale
  • Product number per. row – Define how many products shoud should be displayed in a row for the default module
  • Product Image effect – Select effect for image swings
  • Quick look – Enable or disable Quick View
  • Show items on hover – Select which buttons you want to hover
  • product roll – Define which default modules are going to scroll
  • Lazy loading for product images
  • standard View – Choose from list and network
  • Refine Search – Disable search enhancement or select only text or text with image. You can also choose how many subcategories to display per. Row and change subcategories image size in refined search


  • Autoupdate price on product page – Different prices for different colors or other attributes? No problem
  • Cloud zoom – Select the zoom style on the product page. This theme provides console zoom, cloud zoom and default
  • Product image size – 3 images Size: Small, Medium, Large
  • Additional pictures position – Select location to display additional product images
  • Product Societal Share – Disable or enable social share module
  • Previous / Next Product – You can have breadcrumb feature that allows you with a click, go to next or previous product
  • Radio & Checkbox button style – Do not you like standard radio or check buttons? Switch to our custom buttons


  • Quick search auto-suggest – Enable or disable autocomplete in search
  • heading type – Choose from 10 predefined header types
  • Advanced headings – Multiple custom headlines for selected skin
  • Vertical MegaMenu – Determine whether you want vertical megamenu always enabled or disabled by category or home page


  • switch, Contact – Add contact information. You can add 2 phone numbers, 2 skype profiles and 2 email addresses
  • About us – Add some information about your store
  • Facebook – Add your Facebook fan page. You can set the height and number of faces to your likebox
  • Twitter – Add twitter feed from your twitter account
  • Custom tab – here you can add what you want


  • Contact Page – Add custom HTML block on contact page
  • product Page – Add custom HTML block to product page


  • CSS – Add custom css code to your theme from the admin panel
  • Javascript – Add custom js code to your theme from the admin panel


  • Facebook – Add your Facebook fan page. You can set the height and number of faces to your likebox
  • Twitter – Add twitter feed from your twitter account
  • Custom tab – here you can add what you want


  • Advanced Grid – Create different networks with custom templates and advanced configuration. You can decide if you want to display HTML content, links, products, newsletters or anything else. You can also load another module as the item in the column in the grid.Load modules do not work in OpenCart 3.0
  • Blog – Parent module allows you to add articles, categories, manage authors, and moderate comments
  • Breadcrumb Wallpaper module allows you to upload your own background photo to breadcrumb
  • Camera slider – The simplest slider module we have in our theme
  • Carousel element – Create content with HTML content and put it in carousel
  • cookie – Custom section with information about cookies. You can decide on the content, or where and how it should be displayed
  • Custom Module – Create extra content with anything you want. You can use HTML or set only text, image, video or other media
  • Frequently asked questions – Questions and answers, perfect for FAQ page
  • Filter product – Product modules with scroll or tabs. In our finished skin, Filter Product was used to build almost all product modules
  • Fullscreen background slider – Nice slides in the background for your store. It's very easy to use because it works exactly the same as the camera slider.
  • Header – Simple header message with HTML content
  • mega Menu – Own MegaMenu instead of the default submenu.
  • Pop up – Nice popup window with any content you want. It may be a newsletter, contact form or custom with HTML content.
  • product Blocks – Additional modules on the product page. All additional modules on product pages in our finished skins were created with Product Blocks.
  • product questions – Additional buttons on the product page under the ADD TO CART button
  • Product tabs – Create additional tabs on the product page.
  • Revolution Slider – Powerful slider module.

Mega Filter Pro

Our theme is compatible with the MegaFilter Pro module. Unfortunately, there is no license that allows us to include this module in our theme and it is sold separately here:
Check here

Explore BackEnd Demo

Each skin has demo admin panel.
To login to the demo admin panel, add only / admin to skin url and use login information as below

  • User: demo
  • Pass: demo

Our theme is MultiStore ready and you can install sample data for each store with some limitations. Demo content for modules: "Advanted Grid" and "Custom Module" are added as a new module in the list. Demo content for second module replaced. If you already have "MegaMenu" craeted and you install new demo content for this module, the old one will be replaced.

OpenCart Compatibility

  • OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart 2.2.x – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart 2.0.x – tested: 100% compatible



Fixed: Link in Fastor Theme Options
Added: Check boxes for all forms and newsletters


Fixed: Twitter widget ID
Fixed: Cookie box "Do not show again" checkbox removed
Fixed: Additional pop-up in newsletter removed
Fixed: Affiliate Tracking on Linked Page
Fixed: Brand redirection in QuicView
Fixed: Error 3. Level of categories on the category page
Fixed: Structured Data SEO for Product Page
Fixed: Hide vertical megamenu on mobile devices
Fixed: Text message error in contact form
Fixed: Facebook language
Fixed: Load fixed modules in advanced grid
Fixed: Autocomplete search in Search bar in MegaMenu
Fixed: Problem with empty column on the category page
Fixed: Required fields on advanced networks
Fixed: Image uploader for blog posts
Fix: Increase NEW BADGE limit
Fixed: Increase auto-completed megamenu results in the admin panel
Fixed: Product tabs - remove content problem
Fixed: Multilanguage links in MegaMenu and Advanced Grid modules
Fixed: Undefined variable error in header in Firefox browser on OpenCart 3.0
Fixed: Standard opencart menu in OpenCart 3.0


Added: QuickCheckout for OpenCart 3.0.2
Fixed: Breadcrumb title bug fo OpenCart 3
Fixed: Heading error for OpenCart 3


Added: Compatibility with OpenCart (quick checkout updated over the next few days)


Added: Fast One-Side Checkout
Added: Vertical MegaMenu to product page
Added: Hide MegaMenu on mobile
Fixed: Fashion 7 demo on lower screens
Fixed: Category problem in OpenCart 2.2
Fixed: Product_tabs issue in OpenCart 2.3
Fixed: Small errors and improvements


Fixed: Category Categorization Error in OC 2.1
Fixed: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ... header.tpl on line 250 in OC 2.1
Fixed: Account side error in OpenCart 2.1


Added: 7 new skins!
Added: Fast menu
Added: Logout button for all headlines
Added: Multiple levels of underactivity in the default category module
Added: Default category module breakdown on mobile
Added: Countdown translation in admin panel
Added: Information in admin panel where demo content is replaced
Enhanced: Google Rich Extract
Enhanced: Awesome Icons update
Enhanced: Autocomplete list rose to 10 in admin panel
Enhanced: Whitespaces on mobile
Fixed: Pagination on history page
Fixed: Problem with cookie bar
Fixed: Google captcha
Fixed: Affiliate Tracking on Linked Page
Fixed: Contact form is closed after notification sent
Fixed: z-index problem in MegaMenu module
Fixed: The button's name in the MegaMenu module
Fixed: Bug with summer note editor
Fixed: Product tabs errors in OC 2.3
Fixed: MegaFilter Pro Error in OC 2.3
Fixed: Multistore permission, but in OC 2.3


Fixed: Multilanguage Revolution Slider bug for OpenCart 2.3
Fixed: Problem with blog post removal to OpenCart 2.3
Fixed: Small bug with MegaMenu for OpenCart 2.3


Added: Compatibility with OpenCart 2.3 


Fixed: Registry error in OpenCart 2.2


Fixed: Report errors with Live Editor in OpenCart 2.2


Fixed: "Registry" error in Advanced Grid and Filter product


Fixed: Small bug in compatibility with OpenCart


Added: Compatibility with OpenCart>
Improved: Data vocabulary replaced with new modern Schedule
Fixed: Camera Slider bug after rtl update


Added: 3 new skins
Added: RTL Lanugages compability
Fixed: Validation error on the category page
Fixed: Small problem with product block module
Fixed: Title of FAQ page
Fixed: Custom_class error in MegaaMenu
Fixed: Revolution Slider Update
Fixed: T_VARIABLES error in fastor.php file


  • Theme published


Images used and included in the project were purchased with Extended License.
All images used to preview were purchased with regular license and are not included. Some images used in our demos come from the Sony Press website and are used under Creative Common License. For more information, check the License Document in the Theme Pack.


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Jaeho Park completed a Master in Fine Arts at the Hongik University in 1999, followed by a Master in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster in 2012. After working for many years as a university professor, designer and curator in South Korea.

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