Jul 31, 2018

Event Calendar – PHP/MYSQL Plugin

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Event Calendar is a server-side dynamic web application designed with PHP / MySQL, built with jQuery FullCalendar and integrated into Bootstrap Grid Layout.
Perfect soundproof plug-in for any device, whether it's desktop or mobile.
Event Calendar allows users to organize and schedule events.
Simply install it on your server or integrate it on another project so you can test it and exploit it fully.




  • NEW SETTING – Ability to edit events.
  • Create new type of event;
  • Create a new event for the type that was created earlier
  • Drag and drop events.
  • Manage to add fields such as: Title, Color, Description, Initial Date, Final Date, Link, Photo;
  • Delete events and types;
  • Show events with models;
  • Event Calendar uses some featured and newest most used javascript files for easy integration with other projects;
  • FullCalendar Language Settings Settings;
  • Build on Bootstrap v3.3.7;
  • Some good javascript improvements;
  • Easy documentation;
  • Well documented code;
  • Awesome and quick support!


  • PHP 5.3+, PHP 7.0+
  • MYSQLI PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • MySQL 5.x
  • Apache Mod rewrite enabled


  • Sweet Alert
  • Font Awesome icons
  • jQuery
  • bootstrap
  • Bootstrap DataTables
  • Bootstrap Form Validation
  • FullCallendar


  • 100% responsive design
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • PSR2 coding standards followed
  • Nice Client And Server Page Form Validations
  • Safe from SQL Injections and XSS Attacks


Version 3.7.2 || July 26, 2018

[Added]: Added nl2br () function for inserting HTML line breaks under description variable;
[Updated]: Documentation;

Version 3.7.1 || March 15, 2018

[Fixed]: CSS less bug fix on dateimeter.

Version 3.7.0 || December 12, 2017

[Updated]: Script version, so it's like the FullCalendar version;
[Updated]: Language Javascript files;
[Updated]: fullcalendar.js and fullcalendar.min.js;
[Updated]: Documentation;

Version 3.0 || August 1, 2017

[Added]: Edit event function;
[Fixed]: Konection to database on events_update.php file;
[Fixed]: Error with default FullCalendar language
[Fixed]: Pagination under each delete modal area;
[Updated]: Documentation;

Version 2.5 || July 13, 2017

[Fixed]: Error message when server configuration information is incorrect. This solves most of the problems compared to Error 500 and Error 301 redirection problems.
[Updated]: Documentation

Version 2.4 || June 16, 2017

[Added]: Long folder (forget to add in last script update).
[Updated]: Documentation.

Version 2.3 || 31 May 2017

[Fixed]: Security measures when the event is created without date.
[Added]: Error message when adding event without date.
[Added]: Success message when drag and drop event.

Version 2.2 || May 4, 2017

[Added]: method of saving drag and drop events;

Version 2.1 || April 25, 2017

[Added]: Language settings for FullCalendar;
[Fixed]: Error creating project without image;
[Fixed]: Modified DateTimePickers and replaced default values ​​with custom TimePickers;

Version 2.0 || April 20, 2017

[Updated]: PHP 7.0 connection ready.

Version 1.4 || 15 February 2017

[Fixed]: Broken images when no image is selected.

Version 1.3 || February 11, 2017

[Changed]: SQL date to datetime type.
[Changed]: Add timestamp to start and end the created events.
[Changed]: Removed color from modal on events with end date.
[Fixed]: Error Displays the date in a day's event.
[Fixed]: Tipography about some words.
[Fixed]: Correct end of event days when there are more than one day's events.

Version 1.2 || January 24, 2017

[Fixed]: Error deleting event When there is no picture.
[Fixed]: Error not adding image.
[Changed]: Alert successful messages when you add type or event.

Version 1.1 || January 7, 2017

[Fixed]: Bug, as the project had no event, it would not work;
[Fixed]: Modified DateTimePickers Order on New Event Form;
[Fixed]: Problem not showing other events.

Version 1.0 || 4 January 2017

[Release]: First release;


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