Jul 12, 2018
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Email Address Verifier Software

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Why do you clean your EMAIL ADDRESS lists?

If you send in invalid / bouncing email addresses, your SERVER IP smoking will be seriously threatened within a few hours.

GMAIL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO, AOL will blacklist your server IP on the SPOT if you send more than 50-150 emails to their users and if the shipment results in jump gestures.

If your IP becomes blacklisted, any future emails you send will either be postponed / blocked / spammed.

It is therefore very important to clean your e-mail lists from invalid / jumping e-mail addresses. Sending emails to cleared email lists that are missing any invalid / non-existent / jumping email addresses is THUMB OF RULES for emails delivered directly in INBOX.


An online software to check the existence / validity of any email address. Your lists will be cleaned from invalid / non-existent / jumping e-mail addresses.

You can verify lists of any size with 1 confirmation per. Second.

You can verify single / multiple email addresses.

You can create lists using manual Copy-Paste email addresses or import it from any remote database.

Each list can be cleared for Invalid, Offensive Email Addresses, either live in real time or scheduled to be processed on background.

You can view live AJAXY view of valid, invalid, unknown email addresses.

You can export clear valid email addresses in plain text / csv format.

You can export invalid / skipping email addresses in plain text / csv format.

You can set a delay of 1/10/60 seconds so that the cleaning of lists can be treated slowly over a period of time. This is useful when you keep your IP white listed while cleaning the lists.

How is this done?

Our state-of-the-art software actually connects to RECIPIENT EMAIL SERVER, whether it is GMAIL, YAHOO or something and checks the mailbox and the username exists. This is done without sending any real e-mail.

So if the user exists, we will mark the email address as VALID DELIVERY. Otherwise, the recipient's email address will not be present and email will be sent to BOUNCE BACK, and therefore we will notice such an email address as an INFALD NON-DELIVERABLE BOUNCING email address.


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