Aug 8, 2018

EduAppGT Pro – School Management System

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Changelog 4.5 – 8 May 18th

- Disable registration. (The administrator can disable the registration outside of the system, in system settings.)
- Create invoice without total that amount is not required. (Now you can create invoices without payment.)
- PayPal URL. (The PayPal URL-through API has been updated.)
- Allow administrator the same features as the teacher. (The administrator can now perform the same operations as a teacher.)
- Teachers can only view their exam online.
- Teachers can only see their homework.
- The teacher can only view his study material.
- Limit the features of each administrator. (When you create a new administrator, you can choose which modules you want to access.)
- The currency was targeted for PayPal. (The sending of currency to PayPal has been corrected)
- List of students in table, and could be edited in modal. (Now the students are listed in a table and edited in it.)
- Allow creation of new languages. (Now it is allowed to create new languages.)
- Know if the message has already been read. (The "Read" feature was implemented, now you can see two blue controls if the user has already read the message.)
- Degree levels A, B, C, D. (Now you can add character levels in grades such as: A, A +, B, C, etc.)
- In the polls, see who participated. (It is now possible to see who participated in the poll.)

Admin login

  • User: admin
  • Pass: 1234

Teacher login

  • User: sergio
  • Pass: 1234

Student login

  • User: mariana
  • Pass: 1234

Parents login

  • User: Isabel
  • Pass: 1234

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