Aug 11, 2018
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Easy File Uploader – PHP Multiple Uploader with File Manager

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Easy File Up Loader is a simple PHP script for uploading files and managing them. Drag and drop file uploader is the main feature of this script. It allows you to upload multiple files very quickly and easily. All files are saved in a writable folder. Once the files are uploaded, they can be viewed in the Files section.

Uploaded files can be downloaded or deleted. So this is not just a file up loader. This includes file explorer and file management within the same uploader. Each uploader logs log.txt in root folder. So both fileFolder and log.txt should be given chamod 777. This script has been tested in both PHP 5 and PHP 7.

For those who do not need permission-based systems, I have included the "No SQL, No Permission" version of the package.

Full Version Demo:

No SQL, No Permission Version:

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I appreciate the flexibility, design quality. It is very easy to install it and a customizable soft.
Nice to have it integrated on my sites.


Very easy and convenient to set up! relieved … I'm satisfied! Thanks

Responsive Multiple File Uploader

This PHP File Uploader is fully responsive. You can manage your file server using your mobile device.
EasyImage Viewer, Servier Image Gallery, PHP File Uploader, Online File Uploader

Multiple file uploads with progressive bar

Easy Image Viewer, Server Image Gallery, PHP File Uploader, Online File Uploader

Responsive File Manager

This upload loader script has a file management setting itself. You can quickly download or delete uploaded files.
Easy Image Viewer, Server Image Gallery, PHP File Uploader, Online File Uploader


  1. Drag and drop file uploader
  2. Large file supports up to 256 MB
  3. Quick and easy upload
  4. Thumbnail view of uploaded files
  5. Uses upload upload permissions, delete and download files.
  6. Multi User
  7. File Type Limit Options
  8. Written in PHP and MySQL
  9. Images files are thumbnails automatically
  10. Download or delete or rename uploaded files
  11. File Manager displays uploaded date and file size

Change Log

  1. 08/14/2016 : Update: grin: "title =": grin: Login with User Permission Completed. File type restrictions and two versions for PHP 5 and 7 were created.
  2. 08/19/2016 : Update: grin: "title =": grin: File Renaming implemented.
  3. 08/29/2016 : Update : grin: "title =": grin: No SQL No Permission Version added to package.
  4. 09/02/2016 : Update : grin: "title =": grin: Administrator account troubleshooting type after installation
  5. 09/06/2016 : Update : grin: "title =": grin: layout Update
  6. planned : Update : shocked: "title =": shocked: Download Options
  7. planned : Update : shocked: "title =": shocked: User password encryption for security


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