Apr 16, 2019

Custom Woocommerce Discounts

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Custom Woocommerce discount allows you to set a discount USER ROLES, door CATEGORIES, door DAYS and through COUNTRIES to the products. The plugin provides & # 39; n flexible exit method and options to apply discounts on products. It also provides well-defined solutions to help you set up store discount rules.

Easily manage your WooCommerce different user roles by applying different pricing and discounts.


  • Ability to set product Prices per user role

Role-based prices and discounts for products. You can charge wholesalers and retail clients with different prices or set discounts for that particular group.

  • Allow to create Custom Roles with Acess Permission.

It allows personal roles, such as admin, client, subscriber, wholesaler etc. and grant these roles with certain rights respectively.

  • The ability to set a discount after a variable as well as a simple product.

Each product has different variables, where different discounts can be applied to each variable from a product.

  • Set it discount door categories

Provide easy discounts for different categories of products. For example, discount percentage or discount amount may be available according to the available categories, e.g. T-shirts, tops, jeans, etc. that fall under clothing categories are determined.

  • Set it discount door day

Plan your SELL on your store first by setting discounts for specifics Days. For example, Black Friday Sale, Christmas Sale, Independence Day Sale, etc. Can be kept. Special rates / discounts will only be used for the selected day.

  • Set it discount door country

DCurrent discounts can be applied to the same product based on user country.

  • You can choose discount by a percentage or amount of method.

Discounts can be applied by two methods; either by "discount percentage" or "discount amount"

  • Allow discount Ordinary price or selling price.
  • compatible with Ultimate Members, User Role Editor.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to ask us support if you are looking for any additional features or have a pre-sale question Custom Woocommerce discounts and prices

Free configuration support available via Skype call. Skype: techspawn1

email: [email protected]

support documentation


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