Aug 10, 2018
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Courier Management System

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The latest features are available in the Courier Management System

  • A more modern and clean new template view and integrated with Google Fonts
  • 3 levels of user, administrator, operator and branch
  • Transaction reports in date range and graph. Tracking Invoice with Delivery Status (Example: Pickup, On Process, Received by Destination, Inbound, and Others)

Courier Management System is an application program that is used to handle all transactions for the shipping company. And now, PHP supports 7 / MySQLi.


  • Integrate with Google Distance Matrix.
  • Prior to shipment transactions, visitors can control the cost of shipment of goods by weight or volume of goods.
  • Visitors can choose whether to ship goods by land, sea or air.
  • Visitors can find out the cost of packing for mails.
  • Visitors can choose an existing shipping rate.
  • The calculation of the weight of the goods automatically, if the weight is greater than the volume (length x width x height), then automatically calculated by weight, but when the counter volume is greater than the weight calculated as the volume weight.
  • The formula for calculating volume calculates the cost of packing goods.
  • Multi-user, administrator and operator.
  • Report of transactions based on date range.
  • Authentic form for delivery of regional origin and destination.
  • Adjustment of tax, insurance and package costs.
  • Use lightly.
  • Responsive Template.


As administrator
User: admin and password: admin

As an operator
User: M00015 and password: M00015

As a branch
User: M00014 and password: 12345

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