Apr 15, 2019

Contact Form 7 Success Redirect

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Contact Form 7 Success Forward is a WordPress Contact Form 7 Addon for Forwarding to a Success Proposal Page. It designed to make Contact Form 7 more user-friendly when Form Submission Success by referring to admin selected page.
Contact Form 7 Successful switching is extremely easy to configure. You can set the Success Redirect page by selecting & # 39; a page from your existing Dashboard pages or by providing a full URL for personal appointments.
Each shape has its own configuration. So, every contact form 7 conversion diversion can be unique.

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Contact Form 7 Success enhancement plug requires active plug-in Contact Form 7

mgscformsevenredirect Features


  • Extremely Easy Configuration
  • Very easy Activate / deactivate option for each individual form
  • Each shape has its own configuration.
  • Each Contact Form 7 Success Recovery can be unique.
  • Configuration options included

    • Contact Form 7 Success Switching Enable
    • Choose & nbsp; a Send Page from your Dashboard existing pages
    • & Nbsp; A Custom Redirect Complete URL
  • Well documentation (proper help instructions for setup)
  • Dedicated Support
  • and much more!

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