Jun 26, 2019

Contact Buttons – All in One Button with Mailchimp Subscribe and Callback Request Form for WordPress

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Contact buttons are a WordPress plugin for adding everything in one button. This has been designed for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, Google Plus, Publisher, Behance, Digg, Vimeo, Reddit, Xing, Tumblr, Whatsapp, Youtube,
Flickr, Skype, Viber, Telegram, WordPress, Mailchimp Write and many more channels in just one button. Contact buttons are very easy to customize.

Contact buttons also include Mailchimp integrated entry form and an Ajax callback request form. Contact buttons are a full Responsive. It can simply be integrated on your website with the documentation help. It looks good with all kinds of devices. Try out the demo.

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Allocated WP requirements meet license plate


  • Extremely Easy Configuration
  • 28+ Pre-built Buttons
  • Very easy turn on / off button configuration
  • Font Awesome for Button
  • Mailchimp integrated entry popup modal form
  • Ajax Callback Request popup modal Form

    • Admin / Receiver will receive an email in the form of all input values
  • Vertical position

    • top
    • underside
  • Horizontal position

    • left
    • right
  • Scroll Animation Effect ON / OFF (horizontal position only: left)
  • Configuration options included

    • Basic Settings
    • Mailchimp Enter Modal Option
    • Call Modal Option
    • Call our option
    • email our option
    • Facebook Button Option
    • Twitter Button Option
    • Pinterest Button option
    • Linkedin Button option
    • Instagram button option
    • Googleplus button option
    • Github Button option
    • Behance Button option
    • Digg Button option
    • Vimeo Button option
    • Youtube Button Option
    • Reddit Button option
    • Xing Button option
    • Tumblr button option
    • Whatsapp Button option
    • Flickr Button option
    • Facebook Messanger Button Option
    • Skype Button option
    • Viber Button Option
    • Telegram Button option
    • WordPress Button option
    • Contact form button option
    • Extra Button 1 Option
    • Extra Button 2 Option
    • Extra Button 3 Option
    • Buy Now button option
  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly layout
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Well documentation (proper help instructions for setup)
  • Dedicated Support
  • and much more!


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please note: All images are only used for Preview Purpose. They are not part of the template and are NOT included in the final purchase files.


        ----- V 1.6 Released: June 2, 19 -----
- Updated: Plugin encoding has been updated
        ----- V 1.5 Released: March 11, 19 -----
- Added: Main button background color settings added.
        ----- V 1.4 Released: 18 September 18 -----
- Added: Callback requests email body settings added.
        ----- V 1.3 Released: 11 September 18 -----
- Added: Extra Fixed Right Button for Buy Now / Buy Now / View Portfolio / View Services, etc.
        ----- V 1.2 Released: September 1, 18 -----
- Fixed: Fixed Slider jQuery conflict issue
- Updated: Work back form for both Registered and unregistered users
        ----- V 1.1 Released: August 28, 18 -----
- Added: Added Math Captcha in return form
- Updated: Update css and js updated
- Updated: Updated responsible display
        ----- Original Released: August 21, 18 -----
- Initially released



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