Jul 12, 2018

Builtapp Delivery Business Application

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Builtapp Delivery Business Application is built on the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS). It allows any company that sends goods from their business to easily handle and track the errands as they go through the delivery process.


  • Easy user management
  • Socket integration for instant updates across computers
  • Blazingly fixed. No unnecessary page reloaded
  • Corporate management (cars / bicycles)
  • Generate PDF documents directly (reports, invoices, receipts, delivery notes, run-sheets)
  • Flexible periodic reports
  • Allows easy billing
  • Expense tracker
  • Errand status management
  • Per-changer so the whole team is on the same page

Admin credentials: [email protected] password


Builtapp Delivery Business Application is built on the MEAN stack (MongoDB,
Express, Angular, NodeJS).

As such, it requires a lot of custom package installation. It's best that you install it on one
VPS with SSH access. DigitalOcean is highly recommended. Use our link to get $ 10 free credit.

The project uses grunt to automatically build the final distribution code.

Once you have installed the necessary software listed below (including Grunt), you must run in shallow
build inside the workbook. This must build the project and create the dist folder.
You can upload this dist folder to your server to distribute.

Copy the "dist" folder to your web available folder. eg. / var / www on your server.

Switch to this folder and run npm install. This installs all necessary packages.

To run the application, run forever server / app.js from your web available folder.
This must start the program at port 8080. Visit http: // localhost: 8080 to view the application.

We are available to help with the installation process (with a small fee of course). Just send us to
appsupport [at] built-app.com and we will return to you within a day.

Required software

  1. Node JS and NPM
  2. Mongo DB
  3. Web server (Nginx / Apache. Nginx recommended)
  4. Forever (For continued application only running on server)
  5. Grunt


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